The terrorism act that was committed in Christchurch was horrific, disgusting, incomparable, in fact, no word can adequately describe what occurred at two places of worship in Christchurch. Combined with this, the motivations for this attack, quoted from the perpetrator made me sick. There is no place in society for people who feel as if it is their only option to commit the murder of completely helpless people, defenceless victims, to attempt to highlight their particular extremist view. This is the time that we must come together. This is the time that we must unite. This is the time to condemn these actions, and rally for acceptance, rally for continuity, and rally together against these crimes.

What makes me even more sick was the response of one of the members of parliament, who are supposed to represent the opinions of the nation. This particular government minister has not right to be sitting in parliament, making decisions for our country. While we mourn the loss and search for answers, he blames the victims and uses his completely estranged religious interpretations as justification for the continuation of these crimes. Just like the perpetrator stated, he was inspired by similar crimes around the world.

Senator Anning, you have done nothing but encourage future people that these crimes are acceptable. They will never be acceptable. And your place in the Senate will never be acceptable.

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