The 30th of April 2019 showed where Pauline Hanson and the One Nation party draw the line.

Blatant racism and discrimination against minorities are perfectly acceptable.

Engaging in conversations with the National Rifle Association in the United States regarding election funding and easing gun legislation is perfectly acceptable

Talking dirty in strip clubs, however, crosses the line.

Mr Dickson was filmed making derogatory comments and touching a dancer in a US strip club. Following a statement by Mr Dickson apologising for his behaviour, Pauline Hanson accepted his resignation. The primary issue for Pauline Hanson regarding the video wasn’t the location but rather Mr Dickson’s “language and behaviour” which according to the One Nation Leader, “does not meet my expectations nor the greater public’s expectations of a person who is standing for public office.”

Pauline Hanson’s justification for accepting the resignation of Mr Dickson is appropriate, there should be no tolerance the derogatory comments made. However, Pauline Hanson continued to say, “I wouldn’t tolerate my own children behaving this way towards women”. These comments are valid and recognise the importance of respecting women within society. There is no debate to this point.

Women historically have been a minority. In the workplace, in the family hierarchy and also within politics. In all these areas, equal representation is still not present, with Pauline Hanson herself the only female leader of an Australian political party. It is clear that Pauline Hanson recognises the importance of protecting minorities and their value within society.

But what about Muslims Senator Hanson?

A minority within New Zealand and Australia. The only harm they are causing is the superficial harm caused by reading news headlines and basing decisions on feelings rather than facts.  A minority trying to integrate into a new culture, some from troubled backgrounds and consistent violence. Surely, Senator Hanson, you can recognise the importance of protecting minorities and their value within society?

After the Christchurch attacks, One Nation reached out to the NRA seeking millions of dollars to support the party winning more seats in the upcoming election. Moreover, One Nation’s policies on gun control are focused upon making gun licensing easier, reducing waiting periods for handguns and advocating for increased rights for self-defence. I don’t know about you, but that is not characteristic of protecting minorities and valuing their impact.

So where is the line?

There is no line at all. Pauline Hanson’s emotional reaction to the latest debacle indicates a build-up in instances threatening the longevity of the One Nation party. The public is becoming aware of the tactics utilised by One Nation to gain power, giving rise to public condemnation.

One Nation has become a minority in Australian politics. Now Pauline Hanson knows how it feels to be brutally attacked by groups of majorities who want to blame everything upon you. Now Pauline Hanson knows how it feels when people neglect minorities. And it brought her to tears.

Maybe this will be the realisation that division leads to conflict, but integration creates a positive, functioning society.

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