After 25 years, Tony Abbott has been defeated by Zali Steggall in the seat of Warringah in a comprehensive victory. There has been as large as a 14% swing against the former prime minster compared to a 40% swing for independent Zali Steggall. Moreover, the initial two-candidate-preferred figure of 64% for Ms Steggall and 34% for Mr Abbott highlighted the unwinnable position of the Liberal candidate.

The electorate has made a profound decision to oppose former Prime Minister Abbott in what has been a conservative seat since 1922. The consistent opposition of same-sex marriage and the denial of  climate change have illustrated the disconnect between Mr Abbott and his electorate, culminating in the decision to vote for the independent candidate.

As a former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott must be acknowledged for his commitment to the country and the Liberal party over the last quarter of a century, however, since 2015, Mr Abbott has been at the centre of instability in the government. The time is up for Mr Abbott in politics and hopefully the Liberal party can learn and grow from the unrest created by him.

For one last moment before he leaves us, let us not forget this iconic moment in Australian politics:

2 thoughts on “Tony Abbott is Gone

  1. We actually named a dog of ours after Zali. We got our dog around the same time that Zali Steggall won the bronze (i think) at the Winter Olympics. We’re not even in the same state as Zali but I texted my mum saying…Yay!lol

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