That is the only appropriate word to describe the actions of the Christchurch terrorist on March 15th and June 14th.

March 15th → The murder of 51 helpless victims

June 14th → Pleading not guilty

I have intentionally not included the name of the terrorist in my article or title, and from now onwards, I would encourage the media to do the same. The reason why will be explored below.

When the original news was delivered, I was shocked. Not only was this man captured during the massacre, but evidence of the killings was FILMED BY THE ATTACKER. Many would continue to argue that this decision to plead not guilty, is stupidity, but the Christchurch terrorist has clear motives.

Pleading not guilty achieves several outcomes for the terrorist:

1.    The time the trial takes is extended

2.    It provides the terrorist with the opportunity to speak during the trial, and therefore further proclaim their beliefs

3.    Creates more attention onto the case

These are all outcomes that the terrorist desires. He wants to be in the news, seen around the world, have the opportunity to proclaim his distorted beliefs and cause further harm for the victim’s families.

Yama Nabi, whose father was killed at Linwood Mosque referred to the plea as “hurtful, as a family or a witness, it is going to be hurtful for families to have to do a speech”.

The plea of not guilty provides further trauma for the families of the victim’s through the denial of the event, therefore, denying the murder of the victims.

I will not refer to the perpetrator’s name nor use his face as the cover photo for the article because in doing so, I am assisting the terrorist. I am helping him in providing attention towards him and his beliefs instead of condemning the actions and looking after the victims.

I would encourage all media organisations to not use the name of the perpetrator in future media articles. This is what the terrorist wants. Do not give in to the demands of a terrorist.

I hope that the trial will be as brief as possible so that the families of the victims can finally have closure.

As stated in my article regarding the terror attacks in Sri Lanka (, these attacks require a response of understanding and unity.

To conclude this article. The words of Mustafa Boztas, who was shot inside Al Noor mosque, perfectly encapsulate a response of hope:

“He will never win as we are one, and we rise together. Bringing more peace to the world in kindness and respect for one another is the only way forward.”

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