Social media is a powerful 21st-century tool of communication. Many people argue that social media has harmed society due to individual’s only portraying the positive aspects of their life, leaving the issues undercover and invisible to the world which in many cases is correct.

However, social media has positively transformed many aspects of life, which is why I love social media.


Recently, social media has been utilised by youth to create awareness on important issues in our world. There have been countless examples over the past 12 months, such as responses to the Christchurch massacre, abortion legislation in America, brutality within Sudan and numerous campaigns regarding climate change.

Yes, although social media use may not explicitly solve issues in our world, the first step in anyone donating towards a cause or following practical resolution methods is awareness, and to witness youth extending this cause is encouraging.

In fact, we have witnessed clear examples of social media use leading towards practical movements in the climate change youth protests now taking place globally. Social media can be used to raise awareness of issues in our world, and currently, youth are excelling in achieving this outcome.


Linking to the idea of awareness, social media has assisted in the increase in knowledge and understanding through news alert distribution primarily. With so much of the global community connected to social media, news alerts reach people much faster, allowing news outlets to share breaking stories and other important information instantly.

When more people are aware and understand a situation, those working to secure the safety of the general public can perform their job duties more efficiently. Additionally, social media has been imperative in solving crimes through enforcement agencies posting information about criminals online, allowing for community members to assist in protecting the community and upholding the rights of victims.


Social media has increased connections for businesses and individuals. Whether you own an international, national or local company, social media provides the opportunity for business owners to reach their target market easily. Moreover, social media marketing is significantly cheaper than newspaper or radio advertising, allowing finances to be put towards other aspects of the business.

Furthermore, the increased connection between individuals has been vital in the quick sharing of images, events and achievements, growing bonds between people, although they are separated by large bodies of water.

I love social media. Through increased awareness, education and connection, social media has provided numerous positive impacts on society. More education is needed for youth on how to utilise social media productively, as cyber-bullying is still a prevalent issue in society which needs addressing. However, social media has changed our world, for the better.

“We don’t have a chose on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it” (Erik Qualman)

Article 3 of ‘Why I Love…’ Series


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