On the 23rd of August 2018, the Australian Liberal MP’s voted 45-40 to spill the leadership positions after a tumultuous week or gossip. Ms Bishop, Mr Morrison and Mr Dutton all nominated for the leadership position, however; Ms Bishop was knocked out in the first round of voting. In the second round, Mr Morrison won the vote 45-40 to become the Liberal party’s leader and Australia’s 30th prime minister.

Scott Morrison then went on to win the ‘unwinnable’ election, snatching victory from the Labour party who were firm favourites after leading every popularity poll for the last couple of years. Mr Morrison assembled an election victory under his own name and his own brand, gaining respect among his party and the government.  

Considering the last 5 chaotic years of Australian politics, this year has been unusually calm. Mr Morrison’s victory at the previous election surprised many, and although politics is never smooth-sailing, Scott Morrison has created some stability within Australian politics. Veteran Queensland MP Warren Entsch described Morrison’s leadership as “bring the Liberals back together” and his election victory as allowing the Coalition to “get back to governing.”

Scott Morrison has achieved many successes in his first year as Prime Minister. In September 2018 he announced a Royal Commission into aged care which was desperately needed. In October, Mr Morrison showed great initiative to make a national apology to victims of institutional child sex abuse. In March 2019, a free trade deal was signed with Indonesia followed a Federal budget in April which was advertised by the phrase ‘back in black’ referring to the surplus predicted for the financial year. Recently, Morrison has presented plans for the public service to be more efficient and respond to the needs of middle-class Australia while also attending the Pacific Islands Forum to discuss climate, trade and security.

 Mr Morrison has enabled the passing of many crucial legislative reforms and has acted in good character, setting an example for Australia. However, circumstances have not been comfortable with multiple Liberal MP’s leaving their jobs throughout the last year, and the debating of controversial bills such as the Medevac bill which passed, although heavily despised by the Liberal party.

Politics is not easy, and the next year of Mr Morrison is where his legacy can be set. Can he continue to provide stability to Australian politics? Can he continue to invest time in the creation of positive legislative reform? Can he address the topic on the tip of everyone’s tongues – climate change?

Mr Morrison, you have successfully bought stability within Australian politics. Now, what can you do to cement yourself in the history of Australian Prime Minister’s leading courageously, and serving the nation wherever you go?


4 thoughts on “One Year of Scott Morrison

  1. Wow … it’s been a year already??? I’m very happy to hear that it’s working out well so far … most of my Australian friends were concerned when Mr. Morrison became the new P.M., but it sounds as if you’re pretty satisfied. Heck, I might have to move to Australia, for I’m not at all satisfied with our own sinking ship, er, government. 😉 I will re-blog this post either later this afternoon, or tomorrow afternoon. Thanks!

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    1. Haha yes, it doesn’t feel like one year to me either! The positive news is that he hasn’t been in the news as much. Although he may not be making extremely positive decisions for Australia at the moment, our first priority was political stability and he has so far achieved that!

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