Tomorrow (the 12th of November AEST) is set to be a horrific day in New South Wales with the state bracing for unprecedented and catastrophic bushfire danger.

There have been countless numbers of fires burning the last week in New South Wales, and with worsening conditions tomorrow, these numbers could rise. The fires have already destroyed over 150 homes and claimed the lives of 3 individuals prompting Premier Gladys Berejiklian to announce a state of emergency. Moreover, a ‘catastrophic’ fire warning has been issued for the first time in Sydney’s history.

At a time such as this, it is a terrifying waiting game. Bushfires of this magnitude and with high wind are difficult to contain and can change at any time. This means that everyone needs to cooperate to ensure the protection of property, but most importantly, the safety of citizens. Many of the recent fires have been because of carelessness and arson. A sick act considering the widespread damage. My plea is to anyone considering using this scenario as a joke, to reconsider their actions and the possible consequences.

These bushfires have also given rise to the climate change debate. Are the bushfires caused by climate change? Are they worse than ever because of climate change? Premier Gladys Berejiklian ignored these comments by stating that it wasn’t appropriate to engage in a political argument during an emergency period. I 100% agree with her statement. This is the time for the government to focus solely on protecting the welfare of individuals in emergency areas. However, this is another sign. A sign of the impact of climate change on our environment and the detrimental effect it has on society.

This is also a time where we think of the firefighters, paramedics and volunteers risking their lives to protect others. These people are the true embodiment of courage, entering into the unknown to help other people. Our thoughts and prayers are with all support services during this period that they too may remain safe in their pursuit to save others.

Stay safe.

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