Today’s retaliation by Iran may come as a surprise to many, but it shouldn’t. The Middle East has been an area of increasing tension over the past few years, and President Trump’s actions by assassinating Qasem Soleimani was always going to spark violence.

The Iranian attack comes in response to the US killing of Iran’s top general Qasem Soleimani. The funeral for Soleimani took place earlier today, after 3 days of national mourning.

Iran targeted two airbases, one on the Ain Asad airbase and the second at Erbil in Northern Iraq. The initial battle damage is still being assessed by America and other agencies, but it is looking like there are no immediate casualties.

The response of America is now crucial. It will determine the nature of this conflict for possibly years to come. America could choose not to respond at all. Yes, this may lead to some scrutiny, but I believe it will limit the violence. Iran’s Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, has already stated that the actions of Iran today were not to escalate war but to defend themselves from any aggression. Trump can choose not to respond and alleviate the possibility of war.

Trump also has an option for a narrow proportionate response which could end the conflict. I will never encourage actions of war, however; in this circumstance, I can’t see Trump not doing anything. Thus, this is my only hope of a response which doesn’t turn Iran into a global combat zone.

If Trump decides to retaliate in a manner that’s disproportionate and wider, then the Iranians would feel the need to respond back. This could then cause an escalatory cycle to occur, which would be almost impossible to break out of. This would signal the beginning of a war, and due to allies and other foreign relationships, the possibility of a larger war looms likely.

I ended my previous article, (, stating that the ball was now in Iran’s court. Well, now it is back in the hands of America. I can’t see Iran deciding to stop retaliating, so it is down to President Trump. He must choose a path of peace, a path leading to a stable future. If he doesn’t choose this path, we are about to enter a deadly period of history in the Middle East, resulting in increasing violence and detrimental consequences.

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30 thoughts on “Iran Strikes Back

  1. I do not know how to respond to the situation in Iraq right now, but I do know that if Iran continues to attack and/or harms any Americans in the process, it is time for The U.S. to throw everything they have at the aggressor. I would prefer a peaceful solution but I sincerely doubt that a peaceful solution is possible.

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      1. Yes it is much different — If Islam has its way, we won’t be living under the swastika … but we will be living under the crescent and the star.

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      1. Hasn’t been possible in all the years we have been there. Tribalistic killing of their fellow man is in their DNA and they have been obsessed with it for centuries. None of this is worth one drop of American Blood or One Dollar of American Investment. (We are oil independent now.)

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  2. Regarding: “This article is very much favoured to one side.” — Let me say simply, “Do a little research into how it has spread and what the circumstances have been and how it was done in the past in other parts of the world and see that it is, indeed one-sided … but true.


    1. I have done plenty of research. However, the belief of Isalm taking over the world fuels violence. It has been a leading cause of tension within Western nations and has impeded the capacity for integration for the Muslim community. Do you think these comments (Even if you believe them to be true) are useful?

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      1. The freedom that will be nothing but a memory if they can gain the ideological supremacy that their agenda calls for and if they can weasle control of the government away from the democratic style and install their shariah law as supreme over all the land.

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      2. Sorry about that. We will try something else at a later time. This is one subject that is a waste of time because everybody but the deceived already knows the agenda of some of these world religio-political movements and that agenda is simply world domination. Sorry to have wasted your time with this one.

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      3. No you haven’t wasted my time. You haven’t answered my question. I understand your supposed concerns of ‘world domination’ but I want to know how this exactly impacts your ‘freedom’ because I don’t see proof of a correlation.

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      4. I do not do discussions! I post opinions. The idea is for me to present a forum where like-minded people can feel good about themselves and possibly protect themselves from the lies, deceits and treacheries of the wanna be commies on the Political Left.

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      5. No need to respect me but thanks for the thought. I do not respect many other people myself because I find that most of the people I have to deal with are clods. I will, however, go the extra mile of respecting you because you have respected me …in fact, being a Christian in progress, (Not perfect by any measure), I would go so far as to say that I love you in the Name of Jesus. Now I know that sounds strange coming from a crusty old curmudgeon such as myself, but try to understand that the reason I blog in the first place is because I am arrogant, unrefined, unpolished, super-opinionated, hard-headed and altogether detestable … but I do have experience and my source of knowledge is …well, awesome!

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