Dear Scott Morrison, you chose to become Prime Minister. You didn’t have to put up your hand for the leadership of the Liberal Party, but you did. Therefore, any criticism towards you is valid and highlights the passion of the people you are meant to lead.

Dear Scott Morrison, while the country was suffering, you left. Everyone deserves a holiday and time-off, but this is the role you chose to undertake. In a time of crisis, a nation needs a present and gracious leader. Regardless of all the tiny details of your holiday, your actions angered many, and their reaction is acceptable.

Dear Scott Morrison, members of your party STILL don’t believe there is a link between the increased severity of the bushfires and climate change. This is appalling. To have a Liberal MP representing Australia on UK breakfast television during the disaster and deny any connection to climate change is horrifying. You must take control of your own party and ensure that the same message you are now conveying to the public is part of your party’s policy.

Dear Scott Morrison, you are using a band-aid to fix a broken leg. Sure there may be some cuts and bruises from the fall which can be covered by a band-aid, but the problem delves much deeper. Increasing resources, funding, equipment, training and planning is definitely needed. However, these fires will continue year after year unless we start to put in place long-term solutions. We must reduce emissions, and we must inspire other nations to follow us. Let’s use our terrible circumstances as a catalyst for change, not only in Australia but also around the world.

Dear Scott Morrison, you’ve read the criticism. You heard the disgruntled words of the public. This is a time for change. You have the opportunity to champion a policy of climate change and lead the Liberal party into an unassailable position for the rest of this decade. These next 12 months will define your term as Prime Minister, and for the sake of the nation, I hope you can lead with passion, understanding, empathy and courage.

When any disaster occurs, there always seems to be a need to blame someone. In this case, the blame falls on you, Mr Morrison, whether it is granted or not. For some people, nothing you can do will make them content with their current situation, but consistent support will always be helpful. Even when the fires go away, the loss, hurt and devastation will persist for many years to come. This is a community which requires continual assistance.

Dear Scott Morrison, you have stated that you have learned from your mistakes. However, learning from your mistakes implies a change in approach and different actions. Time will tell.

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15 thoughts on “Dear Scott Morrison…

  1. I can thoroughly identify with this. We are in the midst of a political brouhaha here in the U.S. and it is so ugly I cannot bear to listen to it. Whatever our current president has done or been suggested to have done, it is no worse than any other president in my own lifetime. So although I am not in your country, I can totally relate to the situation there. Yes, we don’t know WHO to believe in this country anymore. Everyone is full of greed and beyond by, for and of the people.

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      1. I am very A-political now and not sure of what might happen? Our U.S. has never been in such dire circumstances politically. None of us is good for us as I am sure none of yours is good for you. Thank you kindly for sharing your thoughts too. I am not sure anyplace in the world is even better.

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