If we can control the weather, should we?

As many nations enter into a period of drought, and governments look for answers, a new, controversial option is starting to be discussed. That method involves changing the weather, an ethical issue which we must explore more. That method is called cloud seeding.

Cloud seeding is a type of weather medication which aims to change the amount or type of precipitation that falls from clouds by dispersing substances into the air that serve as cloud condensation, which alters the microphysical processes within the cloud.

Cloud seeding aims to increase precipitation and can also be used to reduce the chance of hail and fog. However, its effectiveness is still under debate by many academics due to contrasting results on several different experiments.

One report by the National Academy of Sciences suggested that “you can squeeze out a little more snow or rain in some places under some conditions, but that’s quite different from a program claiming to increase precipitation reliably.”

However, in 2016, the director of weather modification at the Desert Research Institute claimed that new technology and research had produced reliable results that make cloud seeding a dependable and affordable water supply practise for many regions.

Thus, more research and testing are required to form more reliable results so that the impact of cloud seeding can be understood thoroughly before any legislative or practical measures are introduced.

So what about Australia’s droughts? Could cloud seeding be the answer?

Scientifically, it seems to be unlikely. For cloud seeding to produce rain, there needs to be moisture within the clouds initially. Unfortunately, these specific clouds are not common in Australia, compared to the clouds in Dubai, which were utilised to bring about torrential rain.

Ethically, there are many things to consider. An increase in precipitation over an area might benefit some individuals in the area, but disadvantage others. Moreover, there is a spiritual debate regarding whether humans should be able to control natural events such as the weather.

I believe that more testing is required to prove the legitimacy of cloud seeding as a technique to produce rainfall. If it is effective in areas that need rain, it must be a leading consideration.

Would you support the introduction of cloud seeding?

14 thoughts on “What is Cloud Seeding?

  1. Cloud seeding has been around for at least forty years and was tried different times in the US. I remember reading an article years ago, written after a major flood, that suggested cloud seeding was the cause of various disastrous floods. But I haven’t heard much about cloud seeding in the last twenty years. Doesn’t sound like the practice is widespread yet.

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  2. I do not, in any way condone weather modification at any level! The problem lies with what we already know about this cloud seeding. In my state, Idaho, USA, they openly admit to seeding the skies, without knowing what the repercussions are going to be for the life below. Scientists like to prepare us for things that they are already doing, little by little. That’s just brain washing. They have already, openly admitted to cloud seeing here in the USA. But you would never be able to find that information on any mainstream news outlet! You can google it though, and you will see why I am so opposed and offended by the idea that humans are so meaningless to the elite that they don’t care if we live or die. Any testing that would be done, and is already done, is causing people to have horrifying diseases. An increase in things like Alzheimer Disease. No, aluminum, barium, strontium, or any other um… should not be allowed to fall from the sky and become part of us humans. This is causing nothing but destruction. Add 5G into the mix, and the world will go boom. Warning… this is already in progress. Well, I hope you don’t mind my opinion. Sorry it took me a while to get to this post, my friend. I am praying for you all over in Australia!

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    1. Thank you for your comment and sharing your thoughts! Never worry if your comment is ‘too strong’, that shows you are very passionate about the topic, and that is a good thing!

      The difficult part of this topic is that we don’t have conclusive evidence. DIfferent sources disagree on the impacts of cloud seeding on the environment and on health. Clearly, intrdoucing tocix chemicals to the same region over a certain period of time is going to have detrimental consequences, which is why the locations are often adapted.

      What other solutions would you propose to the severe droughts that are currently taking place in many countries and the loss of water?


      1. For Australia, I would start by realizing that you have been directly hit with Directed Energy Weaponry [DEW]… that reverse osmosis only goes so far and we must use what we’ve got, 💁‍♀️… there will NEVER be any conclusive evidence that falling sky debris may cause, cancer, dementia, and premature death (calculated by the puppet masters). Stop the drilling in Antarctica. Reverse the solar eclipse.
        Cloud seeding kills… and so does water… can’t live without water and the water we buy is garbage filled with fluoride (a waste product), hormones, chemicals, and anything else people could possibly digest and poop out [flush those systems, and tons of water]. DEW. Stop DEW!

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  3. hello sir good article, but there is much information on the internet that suggest that cloud seeding can cause Argyria, a disease in which people’s skin turns purple or dark blue which has no cure. what do you think about it?

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    1. Yes, if someone is subject to it for an extended period of time, there is the possibiltiy of Argyria. We still do not have enough evidence to know how much exposure is safe, which people are more susceptible, and the extent of the risk.


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