I rarely use this blog to talk about personal topics, but every now and then something comes along, which I consider being worthwhile and meaningful.

School is a long 13-year journey. It is your entire childhood and sets you up with the foundations to succeed in adult life. I was blessed to even have an education. In first world countries, it is an opportunity which is taken for granted. Although we continuously try to criticise school, it is incredibly useful, and I thoroughly enjoyed my 13 years of schooling.

That period has now come to an end. Over the past few months, I have gone through a strange transition period. No structure, no timetables, no classrooms, no teachers, no routine. It was a time of COMPLETE freedom (and it was much needed!)

Now a new chapter begins. I now have the opportunity to study what I have wanted to study for the past 3 years. I now can find employment in a field I am interested in. I now have many different resources available to network, join new groups and challenge myself. These are unique opportunities, and I eagerly look forward to what the future may bring.

Change can be scary. As a society, even if we say we like change, it still causes us to feel anxious or nervous. Change will always occur, and it comes down to your response. A positive and accepting response sets up a trajectory of success.

The crazy spree of writing over the past few months may slow down a bit, but I will endeavour to continue writing and sharing my thoughts.

If you have any topics you would like to hear my thoughts on, please leave them in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. I remember the period between finishing high school in may 2008 and entering university in september 2008 very well. And in fact I couldn’t wait until starting uni, just because I could quite bored. At least I had a job during summer 2008, which provided me some structure.

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  2. Are you starting new study? That would be good to write about. Is it University? The challenges of uni which is a very different environment to school would be interesting and if not university the value of alternatives to traditional study. Good luck whatever you are doing!

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  3. What is art for, write on that. I have my own ideas but would be interested to see what you might have to say. Remember, art reflects the five senses, pop music is art, so is classical, so is folk music and art. So, what is its purpose? Over to you.

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