Donald Trump. The person no one expected to be the President of the United States. He has now served at President for one term and is looking to extend his position for another term. He’s been blunt, brazen and divisive, yet he’s followed through his words with action.

After the recent post on Bernie Sanders, it was only fair to write an article on the other front-runner in the election race.

Trump’s policies have been effective. He has significantly decreased illegal immigrant at the southwest border, provided the lower unemployment in 10 years, allowed veterans private health care options and improved consumer confidence. Regardless of whether these statistics were caused by Trump or previous Presidents, he has been in power during this time, and his efforts deserve recognition.

Trump has spoken, and his actions have directly responded to his words. He wanted to stop illegal immigration from Mexico and even famously stated that he would make Mexico pay for the costs. Well, it’s almost happening. His tariff threats forced Mexico to crack down on illegal immigration through Mexico enforcing their own immigration laws.

He has also worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass important legislation. That may seem hard to read, but yes, Trump worked tirelessly with the Democrats to pass criminal justice reform, opioid and sex trafficking legislation and a new ‘right to try’ law which gives dying Americans access to experimental medications. There acts may not gather the same media attention, but they contradict many depictions of Trump.

I do fear the extra freedom President Trump will feel if he is re-elected. He does not have to worry about another election, and that could lead him to make controversial decisions which he may have avoided in his first term. His interaction with the Middle East is still encouraging violence rather than pursuing peace, and his other foreign policies continue to favour violence.

However, President Trump has admirably followed through with his words and created areas of positive change for Americans. Is he worthy of another term? My progressive stance will say no, but what do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Why I Love Donald Trump

  1. I knew Trump’s record as a crooked businessman, so I never trusted anything he said. His property development business was based on his relationships with corrupt politicians and officials in New York City. His casino gambling business was based on his relationships with mobsters in New Jersey. His showmanship business was based on deceiving the public.

    He did have the merit of raising issues that established politicians in both Democratic and Republican parties ignored. He promised to repeal trade treaties that cost American jobs. He promised to curtail illegal immigration. He promised to rebuild American manufacturing industry. He promised to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better. He promised to “drain the swamp” of Washington corruption. He criticized the U.S. commitment to endless war, although he also indicated he would wage more more fiercely.

    He did refuse to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership and replaced the North American Free Trade Agreement with something marginally better. His focus on building a physical wall along the Mexican border did not get at the sources of unauthorized immigration, which are not limited to Mexico and not limited to the southern border.

    He has started a trade war as well as a military buildup directed at China, but this has not helped U.S. manufacturing industry or brought back jobs. Rebuilding American industry would take a more focused and longer-term effort than he is capable of.

    He did not “drain the swamp.” The Trump administration is even more under control of Wall Street and the armaments, fossil fuel and pharmaceutical industries than his predecessors.

    His predecessors did too little to address the issue of global warming, but Trump is actively hostile to even studying the issue.

    Trump has doubled down on the wars started by his predecessors—the boots-on-the-ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started by George W. Bush, the proxy wars in Libya, Syria and Ukraine started by Barack Obama—and launched starvation sanctions wars against Venezuela, Iran and Russia.

    It is criminal that, at a time when the world is threatened by the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. government should be intentionally adding to the death and destruction in the world.

    He allowed the Intermediate Range Arms Limitation Treaty to lapse and has indicated he would not renew the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty. This would greatly increase the risk of nuclear war, which would be devastating not only to the United States, but to the whole world.

    The Trump administration has been one artificial crisis after another, created either by him or his Democratic opponents. Now comes a real crisis, the coronavirus. Neither Trump nor the leading Democrats have exercised the leadership that is needed.

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    1. Incredible reflections! Thank you very much for sharing such a detailed and thoughtful assessment of his Presidency.

      I particularly agreed with your comments on war and the military. Just like you, I’m completely lost for words when America have been continuing to strike in Iraq during this global pandemic. Their fixation on violence in the Middle East has only been supported by Trump and once again it has led to no progress. When will we realise that violence in the Middle East achieves nothing?

      Climate change is also a significant downfall of the Trump Presidency. I almost liken his attitude to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hostility and reflection. ‘It’s not a problem’, ‘we’ve got in under control’. What will it take for Trump to start taking climate change seriously? Hopefully no the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives.


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