The Top 5 Sporting Moments of the Week:

5. Players from NRL team the Canterbury Bulldogs send the league into chaos after investigations found two players engaging in sexual interactions with schoolgirls during a pre-season camp

4. Atletico Madrid defy the odds to defeat Liverpool at Anfield and progress into the quarterfinals of the Champions League

3. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta, Chelsea attacker Hudson-Odoi and Juventus defender Daniel Rugani all test positive for Covid-19, signally the end of European football for at least a couple of weeks

2. Utah Jazz players Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert test positive for Covid-19 prompting the suspension of the NBA for at least 4 weeks

1. The Australia Women’s Cricket Team win the ICC T20 World Cup in a dominant performance over India

Feature Article: Coronavirus and Sport

This is a very sad article to write, because it may be the last sports roundup for several months. Over the past 7 days, almost every sport has either closed its doors to the public or suspended indefinitely. European soccer is suspended. The NBA is suspended. All motorsport is suspended. For a die-hard sports fan, it is immensely disappointing.

Incredible tournaments and events lined up this year may no longer take place as Coronavirus forces teams to take extra precautions and governments to increase restrictions. The Euro’s are now at risk of being postponed, as is Copa America. Moreover, the Olympics are seriously in doubt, regardless of Japan’s continuous reassurance that they will still go ahead. Other sporting codes which are mid-way through their season may not even be able to finish the season. That could mean that the title which has eluded Liverpool for 30 years may still go empty.

The UFC has also been forced to move many events into their headquarters, however; an outbreak among athletes or more likely travel restrictions impacting foreign athletes could also put the organisation to a halt. This is resonant with many other martial arts such as boxing who rely on crowds and athletes from around the world.

Executives of the AFL and NRL in Australia have begun to share their fears for the competitions and clubs over just how much money will be lost during the Covid-19 outbreak. AFL team, Geelong, is projecting losses of over $1 million per game due to crowd restrictions. Moreover, Canberra Raiders chief executive Don Furner stated that with no ticket sales and refunds to members and corporate hospitality, they will be in the red up to $400,000 per game.

The coronavirus outbreak has many negative impacts much more profound than just health impacts. The sporting community will suffer immensely, however; the objective of containing the pandemic and protecting the lives of the people most vulnerable is of most importance, and we can be assured that sport will be back soon and bigger than ever. See you on the other side!

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