Welcome to a new series on the blog! I don’t know about you, but I am already becoming bored with news about Covid-19, and it’s only going to get worse. Every media platform in the world is reporting almost solely on Coronavirus. It’s not surprising, but the endless stories will begin to take a toll on everyone. Hopefully, through this series, we will discover other things that are still happening in the world, or at least positive news stories within the Covid-19 pandemic.

The AFL (Australian Football League) will go ahead this week, with the first game of the season taking place tomorrow night between Richmond and Carlton. It will be played in front of an empty MCG along with all NRL (National Rugby League) games this weekend. At least there will be some sport for this week at least…

Joe Biden has taken control of the Democratic nominee race following solid wins in Florida, Illinois and Arizona. Biden has flipped the script and left Sanders with only the barest hopes of a comeback.

Greenhouse gas emissions are projected to drop significantly. Due to travel bans and the lack of transport during quarantine periods, emissions figures will drop. A Senior consultant with Ndver Environmental estimated that Virgin Australia’s emission will fall by 15-20 per cent. This is just one airline in Australia.

Music stars such as Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman perform online for their fans. With more people staying at home, many music stars are positively utilising social media to engage with their fans and continue producing content.

China has closed down its last coronavirus hospital! There is no longer enough demand resulting in the last temporary hospital being closed. This is excellent news for the world as it illustrates that there is still hope and there will be an endpoint for this virus. China, your response has been commendable.

Coronavirus is not a war, it’s a challenge. Like any challenge, collaboration, patience and creativity will allow us all to overcome it.

14 thoughts on “News other than Coronavirus

  1. Yes, there’s a lot going on beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with an increasing number of countries going into total lockdown, it’s hard to imagine that people will consider other news as important. But I agree with your sentiment.

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    1. That is very true. Our world might come down to just Covid-19 and staying at home. What a tremendous change from our busy lives. Anyway, hopefully even if that occurs, this can portray some of the good news stories coming out of the pandemic.

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  2. Great job, Simeon! Like you, I find the constant and continual coverage of coronavirus to be overwhelming and an overload. Sure, we need to be informed, but so much is repetitious, and I am fed up with the doomsday scenarios some are portraying. I was happy to find you reporting on news other than the obvious!

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    1. Yes, and unfortunately, that coverage looks like it will be continuing for many months to come! I think it will also begin to take a toll on people’s mental and physical health. I’m finding it a tricky time as a writer, I don’t want to keep writing on Coronavirus so i need to explore some new avenues! All the best 🙂

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      1. It is already taking a toll on people’s mental health, which is of course closely linked to physical health. The constant reporting, and the doomsday outlooks by some are making even me wonder if life will ever be the same again and feeling deeply depressed. Like you, I go in search of other news, but it’s hard to find these days! Take care, my friend!

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      2. Very true 😦 I guess it might also help us realise the things which we take for granted during these periods of self-isolation. Therefore, giving us something to look forward to in the future!

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      3. True … I suspect we will all try to waste less of those commodities that have become precious, and some people, at least, will step up to the plate and become good Samaritans, offering help to others they might not have even noticed before.

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      4. They have floated the idea here, but I don’t see it as sound. But then … what do I know? I will still be going for my 4-mile walks each day, and if they wish to stop me, they will have to first knock me out, and then drag me to jail!

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