‘Coronavirus is not a war, it’s a challenge. Like any other challenge, collaboration, patience and kindness will allow us all to overcome it.’

We are entering a new stage of the coronavirus pandemic. Lockdown. The complete turning off of society. This is a scary and challenging time.

Businesses, corporations, recreational activities and education facilities will begin to close their doors as we try to decrease the infection rate. Millions of people in America and European nations such as Spain and Italy have already started periods of lockdown, with many more countries to follow. In my home of Sydney, Australia, a lockdown is imminent in the next 48 hours.

So, what does a lockdown mean?

Anything which is considered an ‘essential’ will remain open. Therefore, supermarkets, petrol stations, pharmacies, convenience stores, freight and logistics and home delivery will remain open, along with other services which will be presented before Tuesday by the government. Schools will likely close from Tuesday, and all members of the public will be required to stay at home unless travelling to the places listed as ‘essentials.’

There will be no international travel, no domestic travel, and any public events will be cancelled, regardless of the number of people attending. State and Commonwealth government have enacted emergency powers that give them the ability to fine and even jail people who breach lockdown orders. Increased police presence will occur in areas that have had confirmed cases in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

Yes, if you go outside, it is unlikely that you will get caught or receive any punishment. However, this is not a time when we can be selfish. We have already demonstrated our self-centred nature through the toilet paper crisis, and now is not the time to continue with these antics. Stay home, enjoy the peace and quiet, binge your favourite Netflix series or binge this blog! Keep yourself, your family and the community safe.  

These periods of extreme quarantine will be isolating, nerve-wracking and most likely dull. If you begin to struggle with the silence, feel free to read this post (https://thelevinelowdown.com/2020/03/20/why-i-love-silence/), and hopefully, it will empower you to embrace the silence. Otherwise, remain active in any way that you can. Do some workouts in your garage or backyard, play some board games, do some cleaning but above all, keep your mind ticking.

There is a finish line. There is an end. But we must all work together to get there.

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