Everything in the world is about Coronavirus. It has utterly transformed our way of life, and there is nothing else being reported on. Countless other issues in our world have been forgotten about, and just because they aren’t being reported, doesn’t mean they are still impacting millions of people. These are the forgotten ones, let’s not forget them during this time.

There are 70.8 million people in the world who have been forced from home by conflict or persecution. Over 30 million of these people are refugees, and over half of those are under the age of 18. These refugees have been denied a nationality and denied access to fundamental rights such as education, employment, healthcare and shelter. With numerous nations border’s closing, these people remain stateless and increasingly hopeless. Countries with large populations of refugees such as Germany are battling with an immense number of Covid-19 infections, leaving refugees neglected and money being deferred to other sectors. The refugee crisis is monumental, and as Covid-19 comes and goes, this battle will continue for many years to come. When our border’s open, they should open for all. These people need a home.

The devastating impact of poverty is a constant reality for many people. Almost 805 million people in the world don’t have access to food. That is one in nine people. Poverty is responsible for the deaths of money than 6 million children before their 5th birthday, and a child under 15 dies every 5 seconds around the world. These figures are not acceptable. Moreover, natural disasters have been increasing in number globally, and this can further exacerbate an inability to access food. The cycle of poverty can be broken, but it has to be through education. Education supports the growth of civil society, democracy and political stability, allowing people to learn about their rights and acquire the skills and knowledge to exercise them. Education can open countless opportunities to transform lives.

Another issue closely related to Coronavirus is the lack of water security and water infrastructure around the world. More than half of the global population lack access to safely managed sanitation, impeding the capacity for nations to shield themselves from Covid-19. Soap and water are essential to good hygiene and protection from disease, yet three-quarters of households in developing countries do not have access to these items. As the impact of the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, developing nations will suffer immensely from the lack of adequate water infrastructure. We need to understand the benefits of investment in water issues, not just from a social and environmental standpoint but also economically.

Global issues such as the refugee crisis, poverty, and poor water infrastructure have been forgotten. There are no newspaper articles, radio shows or podcasts debating solutions for these problems. Coronavirus is undoubtedly our primary focus at this stage, but we must not forget the other issues in our world, because they too require quick, thoughtful and proactive solutions.

7 thoughts on “The Forgotten Ones…

  1. Excellent post, my friend. I’ve been nattering that one would think the rest of the world had come to a standstill, but people are still starving and people are still homeless. In this country, people are still dying every day from guns and racism is alive and well. Things that would have been headline news a month ago have faded into oblivion as the world fixates on the coronavirus. And here, we have the most important election of our lifetimes coming up, but not a word is said about it. Sigh. People seem not to be able to deal with more than one thing at a time. Keep well, my friend.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Everything has become irrelevant compared to Coronavirus and although I’m not surprised, it’s disappointing because there are still pressing issues that require urgent solutions. Hopefully, a successful intervention from the global population against Coronavirus can set a precedent and demonstrate the power of society to create positive change when the goverment and people work together.

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