Lockdown is boring. Having to be inside for consecutive days with no endpoint set in place can be extremely difficult. Here are ten things you can do during lockdown to hopefully alleviate some boredom and set your mind on something else!

1. Make sure that you do some form of exercise every day! This can be as simple as going for a walk around your neighbourhood or doing a home workout such as push-ups, sit-ups and burpees. If you are feeling extra ambitious, you could even run a marathon inside your apartment as one man in China decided to do.

2. Start a puzzle! A puzzle is a great way to focus your mind on something different. If you choose a challenging puzzle, it also takes more time so you can chip away at it each day.

3. Learn a language! There are many online websites and platforms that can assist you in learning a language. Moreover, many YouTube channels are helpful, and they are free to watch! Whether you want to recall some French that you learnt at high school or try something utterly new like German, learning a language is an excellent way to stimulate your mind, and you can practise with your family!

4. Organise FaceTime or Zoom meetings with your friends or relatives! These platforms are a great way to stay connected during this period and allows you to share your emotions and feelings with people who you care about.

5. Find a show to binge or movie to watch! Remember how people have always told you about a series you should watch, but you never got the time to properly sit down without being distracted? Well, I have definitely been in that situation, and this time is perfect to be immersed in a different scene, connect with characters and follow their journey!

6. Clean! This may sound boring for many, but cleaning can be very satisfying and therapeutic. It doesn’t have to be dragging a cloth on every surface in your home, but it can be doing some gardening, rearranging furniture or putting up posters.

7. Play a board game! I’ve never walked into a household that didn’t contain at least one board game. They are a staple in each home‘s living room, yet they are rarely used. Grab out Monopoly, Cluedo, or your favourite game and enjoy 😊

8. Do something creative! During this lonely and anxious period, we need to support our emotional side, and that is very receptive to the creative arts as it is a direct portal for the release of feeling. Draw, sing, dance, design, mould, find a way to express yourself and see how relieved you feel!

9. Sleep well, eat healthily and drink water! These essential aspects which maintain our immunity and support our well-being shouldn’t be neglected just because we are in lockdown. Continue to focus on healthy habits!

10. Binge this blog!!! There are lots of posts from the last 12 months on this blog ranging from gun control to drug use to abortion. Have a look through some posts and let me know your thoughts on them! If you have questions, opinions, or disagree with my perspectives, I would love to chat with you as that is another way to keep our minds stimulated! You can find out how to get in touch with me through my ‘Contact’ page on this blog or comment under the post!

We’re in this together! Hopefully, this post helps you in finding some things to do during this challenging and boring period. 😊

13 thoughts on “10 things to do during Quarantine

  1. Hey there! I love your idea of learning a new language during this period. I will definitely try to start learning one. I am excited to surf all of your blog posts. Hope you will come up with more interesting ones.

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  2. I love all of these ideas so much!! I’m doing the language one by, I kid you not, watching caillou in French. I can hardly understand despite 8 years of learning french in school. Cleaning is so therapeutic! Awesome ideas!

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    1. Ah yes that can be difficult! I don’t know if there is online puzzles you could do? But the experience isn’t really the same 😦 I hope you can find some other things to keep you busy and occupied during this time!


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