For 13 years, everything had been the same. Although subjects change, teachers change, and even friends change, school is very repetitive. You wake up in the morning, pack your bag, attend school and come home. There is a clear structure, routine and discipline.

University is very different. It is entirely up to the individual. Learning is flexible, attendance is often non-compulsory, and the only person who is disadvantaged if you don’t put in the work is yourself.

Starting university for me was like starting a new chapter, or even a new book. It was up to me where the story would start, and it is now up to me where the story will go. For anyone reading this who is starting university, the two things I would recommend is finding one person in each class to talk to and joining different groups/societies. Finding someone in each subject to speak to is beneficial in sharing information, helping each other when the inevitable confusion of starting university occurs and then using it as a way to meet other people. Joining groups is also very helpful in meeting new people and pursuing your passions.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the lockdown has forced the university to go online. After only being at university for 3 weeks, this is a sudden change, and it has taken time to get used to. Online learning is complete freedom. There a few classes which you have to be present for online, the rest is online forums and pre-recorded lectures that you can complete whenever you want. This form of teaching presents its own challenges but also allows for sleep-ins and saving money, so I’m not complaining too much.

I have only begun university, but already I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. I am looking forward to what is to come!

8 thoughts on “Starting University

  1. Just remember to stay disciplined, it can be easy to put things off. Having studied both as an on campus student and an online one I know which one I think is easier, online is great if you are juggling work and other commitments but it can be really hard to maintain the discipline. Good luck, I am sure you will fly through study online or otherwise.

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  2. As a recent university graduate i can honestly say that university is amazing! The main piece of advice I would give is to be resilient, university will have its low moments, but its by overcoming these that you will grow as a person!

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