There is now even less going on in the world other than Coronavirus. Every news source is talking about the pandemic in one way or another, and it has also spread to internet influencers, celebrities and general conversation. Here is an ever-decreasing list of other things happening in our world:

There is more conflict in the Middle East. Although the world is suffering through a health crisis, one staple of modern life remains, some form of violence in the Middle East. This time an attack by a pro-Iran Shiite militia against a military base in Iraq, killing two Americans and one British soldier. The United States then retaliated by killing five members of the Iraqi security force. All of these actions have been spurred from the US assassination of Qasem Soleimani months ago, and the attacks seem set to continue.

Benny Gantz is set to form government in Israel. The political instability in Israel over the past few years is continuing after Netanyahu failed to gain the majority needed to return to power. Gantz was given a mandate to form a government after forging alliances with The Join List of Arab-majority parties and the right-wing nationalistic secular party. Does this end the power struggle in Israel? It seems highly unlikely, and there is much more news to come.

The Belarussian Football League continues to play. The pandemic has crippled the sporting landscape globally, but the one league which has continued to play is the football league in Belarus. And with no other sport to watch, it has gained global attention and worldwide support. Fans are now taking an interest in new players and choosing which teams to support. Arguably, the league should be shut down, but at least it’s providing some entertainment for global sports fans.

I just want to finish by saying that there is hope. Yes, some countries like the United States and Spain are going through the peak of the pandemic and suffering immeasurable losses. But by looking at nations like South Korea, we can see that there is an end to this crisis, and it can be achieved. Remember to social distance, but not emotionally distance yourself from others.

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