Yesterday, I celebrated 1 year of writing on this blog. In my post, I briefly mentioned one piece of advice for aspiring bloggers, and today, I thought I would share 5 tips for blogging which I have learnt over the last year. I am still very new to writing online, and these tips will not guarantee success because everyone’s definition of success is different. However, I hope that these will be helpful to you as an aspiring or current blogger!

5. Interact with your readers! Trying to respond to every comment, even those that you disagree with, is a great way to not only learn from each other but also build relationships! One of the many joys of blogging is how it enables people from around the world to connect due to a similar passion on a particular topic. Remaining active and communicating is very rewarding!

4. Research! And not just articles which affirm your beliefs, but also opinions which are contrary to you. By providing multiple sides to an argument, it allows your reader to gain a full perspective on an issue, and you can still make a strong case for your opinion!

3. Some specific WordPress hints! Here are some quick tips and tricks if you are blogging through WordPress. Use tags containing words that are relevant to your article, try and keep the number of tags below 15! Use cover images and other visual imagery if you need to break up large blocks of writing, this can keep your article engaging! But, don’t make these little things your priority, your priority should always be…

2. Write about what you love. It can be easy to write about topics which gain the most attention. Clickbait titles or following specific trends can be fun, but if that isn’t where your passion lies, you will find the enjoyment may begin to subside. The cliché of ‘keep it real’ is 100% applicable. Write about what you want to write about, it is incredibly empowering!

1. Remain Patient. Growing a blog from nothing has been challenging, and at times, I’ve felt defeated and lost when I couldn’t see the growth in audience. However, remaining patient and continuing to write about things that I genuinely care about has been overwhelmingly rewarding. It takes time to build an audience and a community online, just like in real life.

Hopefully, these small pieces of advice can be helpful to you in one way or another. Wishing everyone safety and peace in this period 😊


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