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George Floyd.

He was murdered on Monday night by a Minneapolis police officer.

That officer has now been charged with 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter.

It comes at an interesting time as the black lives matter movement has received lots of attention in the media due to social media influencers and other groups promoting the aims and objectives of the movement.

It’s a tough one, because there is no clear solution.

You see, the issue with violence within these American communities is that it’s so entrenched within people.

The youth in these communities are brought up with a severe hatred of police.

It’s a relationship that clashes every single time.

In fact, it’s an intergenerational relationship because it started with the generation above them, and these children have been brought up with the hatred of their parents instilled in them.

It’s two sides going against each other that can’t find a way to mesh.

It’s two sides who are willing to compromise, and arguably shouldn’t have to compromise.

The black community is incredibly against police, and they have their reasons why.

But the police are also trying to do their job and often take it to extremes due to the violence against them.

Its troubling because it causes violence, it causes injury, it causes death, and there’s no clear solution.

However, in this situation, it is the role of the police to compromise.

And their role stems so much further from simply enforcing the law.

Their role stems from representing and serving their community.

If the black community don’t feel like they are being represented by the police, then you need to look at the police and ask them what are you doing? What are you doing to build relationships with your community?

I watch a lot of American police videos and what I find with these videos is when you build a relationship with someone, those interactions become so much more meaningful and helpful.

Because law enforcement should be a relationship between people working together to protect the community and help people. It’s about helping people, or at least that’s what it should be.

It’s about rehabilitation, not incarceration.

So when I look at the situation of violence against the black community in America, I have to look at the police.

I have to say how are you working to build relationships with your community?

These relationships have to be grown over time, your not going to snap your fingers and the problem will be solved.

It is going to take time because it is so embedded within people.

I watched a documentary recently about police in Milwaukee, a very similar situation to Minneapolis.

There are kids who are interviewed in the street and they are asked, “do you have police?”.

They are unanimously respond and say, “yes, yes, yes, I hate the police and want nothing to do with them”.

The interviewer than asks them why this is their response and they don’t have an answer.

Because they don’t know how to respond. That’s all they know and the police they have dealt with in the past have been anything but helpful and good to them.

That’s what we are left with.

More protests.

More violence.

We are left with a continuing clash of sides that can only be stopped if we step back, put down the guns and start to speak to people.

And not just speak to people, but speak into people.

Speak into relationships.

Speak into connections.

And maybe just try and love each other a little bit more.

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