Normally in an election, there are two sides with two different bases of support. In this year’s American election, that would mean a group of people supporting Joe Biden and a group of people supporting Donald Trump. The individual with the approximately larger support base is likely to win the election. However, this election doesn’t look like two clear sides supporting their leader.

In a recent poll, Biden had a 7-point national lead, however; the primary reason why people wanted to vote for Biden was that ‘he is not Trump’. An enormous 56% of individual would merely vote for Biden because he is not Trump. That is not even close to the second reason where 19% of voters chose Biden for his leadership.

This election has now turned into a vastly different dynamic. Will American’s genuinely vote for Biden because they believe he can lead America for the next 4 years, or will Biden only receive votes because he is not Donald Trump.

Moreover, Donald Trump’s supporters had much more convincing reasons as to why they wanted to vote for him. 23% based their vote off his leadership, 21% off his policy position and 17% because he is for American people and values.

What this demonstrates is that Trump’s support base is secure in their convictions and genuinely consider Donald Trump as the best candidate in ensuring the continuing growth of the United States over the next term. 

Biden’s support is not based on his popularity. It is based on that he is not someone else. This could have detrimental consequences, and the race for the Presidency is starting to change. Biden was leading national polls by over 10 points, but now he is only in the lead by an average of 5 points. This is a close election, and that gives Trump an immense opportunity.

Trump has 3 months to prove that he is capable of leading America into the future, and that is not impossible. Biden’s limited genuine support means that many voters are still capable of swinging to the Republicans if Trump can highlight the flaws of Biden and emphasise his own strengths.

This election has turned into a race between Trump or Not Trump. Biden’s name is hardly relevant at the moment. Biden must persuade the American people of his legitimacy, he must generate confidence in his capacity for leadership, and he must make a name for himself. Otherwise, Trump is in pole position in a race he has already completed, 4 years ago.

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