Fall guys is the latest game to take over the gaming world. It is made up of many individual or team mini-games where players are eliminated until a final winner is crowned. 

(For those wanting to know a bit more about the game, here is a link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EELg2YeUdyQ)

I’m sure everyone has been wondering, what does this game teach us about humanity? No? Just me? Anyway, here is what fall guys teaches us about humanity

1. Fall guys incorporates a range of team games such as variations of rob the nest, tag, and soccer. However, in the game, it is impossible to communicate with your team members, and the result of this lack of communication is evident. No game plan. No strategy. No way to make someone help out when they are busy either standing still or running around in circles. This game teaches the importance of communication when working in a team; otherwise, productivity will be minimal at best. 

2. Many maps in fall guys are very narrow. And when over 50 players are all confined in that space, the crowd can make you slower and trip you up. This is indicative of going with the crowd in life. It can trip you up as you try to get ahead of others. It can even block your view of the goal ahead, making it easier to make small mistakes which you wouldn’t otherwise. Sometimes, going your own way is the best way to move forward…

3. This is the next thing that fall guys teaches us about humanity. Going your own way and finding your own path can lead to success. As the game continues to expand in players, new and faster ways of completing levels are starting to appear. This is only possible due to people leaving the main group of players and finding their own path. Taking a risk which could result in elimination but could guarantee success. We must all take risks to reach our goals, as sticking with the crowd will produce ineffective and inconsistent results.

4. See-saws. Even virtually, people still can’t comprehend how a see-saw works. An equal number of people on each side balances the beam, and everyone can move forward. We must learn how to use a see-saw. Crazy scenes.

5. To win the game, you must utilise different skills, play with different people and outplay others. Just like any goal or objective you might have, the path will not be simple. There will be challenges, and you will have to work with others. However, there’s no better feeling than completing all the challenges and looking back at your progress to success. Emoting on your opposition at the end is optional, sharing the joy with your friends is a much greater sense of accomplishment.

This has been an utterly unnecessary examination of an animated game into real-life scenarios; however, I hope this has provided you with some insights on how falls guys teaches us many things about humanity.


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