Welcome to a live blog of today’s first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democrat Nominee Joe Biden! Tonight’s debate is a chance for President Trump to take charge of the election and finally regain some control in the polls that Biden has consistently dominated over previous months. For Biden, it is an opportunity to cement himself as the right candidate to defeat Donald Trump and lead America into the next 4 years at least. The debate is going to be unpredictable, but fascinating, so let’s get right into it! Remember to let me know your thoughts of the debate as we go in the comments below!

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11:07 – Debate begins with a conversation regarding the appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court.

11:11 – Biden presents a strong response as to why the appointment of Barrett is not appropriate as people have already placed votes in the upcoming election.

11:12 – Trump continuing to jump-in on everything Biden says. Debate becoming very messy. Trump’s comments are very vague and just seem to throw Biden off his train of thought. Continually using the word ‘socialist’.

11:14 – Trump trying to not only dominate Biden but now the moderator. Is Chris Wallace the Democratic nominee or is Joe Biden?

11:17 – We have now hit number 4 of the ‘useless socialist reference’ counter by Trump

11:18 – Trump is losing this debate at the moment. He is refusing to let Biden speak by just constantly talking over him. He is trying to startle Biden, but Biden is continuing to speak, hold his train of thought and even pause to let Trump finish jumping in.

11:21 – Trump starting to annoy Biden. Still a long way to go in this debate.

11:24 – Biden begins strongly by addressing the failures of Trump in relation to COVID-19. However, this was his chance to highlight what HE’S going to do to stop the infection rate. This virus will still be around after the election. Poor ending for Biden.

11:26 – Trump’s segment on COVID-19 contained nothing of any substance. Merely talked about how other people thought he did well? A random speech, failed to adequately address the impact of the virus, but presented comments with how Biden would have done worse.

11:30 – Biden has been caught out by a question regarding Kamala Harris disputing whether all public health experts should be trusted. Biden was unable to properly respond, and it is a concerning point to stutter on. The future of the country with the vaccine is the most important thing moving forward, Trump won that area of the debate.

11:33 – Trump utilising lots of small personal attacks to present an image that he is dominating Joe. “Socialist”. “Done nothing for 40 years”. It is certainly portraying him as dominating Biden.

11:35 – Trump seems much more comfortable with the mask debate now. Very logical reasoning. But still won’t encourage people to wear them.

11:41 – Strong address by Biden on the economy and the impact of COVID-19 on the economy. Again, failed to state what he would do differently or what actions he would take. But, he certainly highlighted the importance of restrictions.

11:42 – Biden also focusing on speaking directly to people. Focus upon low-income families. Smart approach as Trump is not talking to these people. Biden is finding his voters and that is very important for him

11:44 – Conversation has now gone to Trump’s tax. Trump dodging the question and just stating that he has paid “millions” of tax. Biden once again talking directly to people through the camera.

11:47 – Biden’s response to tax questions very vague and seems like he didn’t have complete knowledge of his own policy. Had to look at his notes and seemed unsure. Not a good look and Trump immediately jumped on it.

11:52 – Turned into a very strange and unproductive conversation about each side’s families. Biden finishes strong by directing the conversation back towards the American people.

11:53 – Biden able to direct questions back to the American people. Trump only seems to be able to direct his answers towards Biden but not the people. Each open discussion turning to chaos and the moderator having a hard time. Would hate to be in his seat.

11:54 – Why should voters trust you to deal with upcoming race issues? That is the upcoming question and the answers to this will be very important.

11:56 – You don’t win a debate by not presenting points or answering questions. The question was “why should voters trust you to deal with the race issues in America?” Biden did not answer this question. He stated what Trump has done wrong, but he made no statements about how HE will create change.

11:58 – Trump misses his opportunity. Biden didn’t answer the question, but neither did Trump. He was given a golden opportunity to highlight what he will do to address race issues but failed to take the opportunity.

11:59 – Finally we see someone talking about solutions. Biden begins to talk about creating a meeting or forum between civil rights activists and law enforcement.

12:02 – Biden talking about the importance of education in solving racial insensitivity. Continues to speak about bringing people together to solve the inequality in America. Trump has no response to this point, continues to speak randomly about law and order. Unsure what Trump is attempting to achieve here. Back to chaos.

12:06 – Biden in a difficult position on this matter. He knows that he most gather votes from the more radical left to win this election but it is contrary to his beliefs. He stated that he is against defunding the police which will definitely push away some of the radical left. Interesting decision but certainly sticking with his fundamental beliefs.

12:08 – In the last 20 minutes, Trump has’t addressed a single point made by Biden. Lots of random statements that he doesn’t expand upon but allows them to stand by themselves. Doesn’t admit that there is systemic racism in America.

12:10 – Trump directed to condemn white supremacist and right-wing groups. He is unwilling to do this. Flips the questions on radical left-wing groups and back to ANTIFA.

12:11 – Why should voters elect you over the other nominee? That is the current question.

12:12 – Trump effectively listing the changes that he has made while in office. Strong statements with supported evidence.

12:15 – Biden’s responses completely miss the mark. Provides no real reason as to why voters should elect him over Trump besides the fact that he isn’t Trump. Finishes with an oddly emotive and loud message about his son. Very confusing and a waste of time.

12:17 – Time for climate change. Trump begins this discussion.

12:18 – Trump agrees to an extent that greenhouse emissions caused by humans contributes to global warming. Speaking a lot about forest management which makes limited sense. Very off-topic although he is trying to find ways to link it to climate change.

12:21 – Biden starting to find his flow, but possibly too late in the debate. Lists three key ways in how his administration would deal with the climate crisis. Only building renewable sources, installing electrical charging stations across America and focusing upon electric vehicles.

12:25 – Biden focusing on how his plans to deal with climate change will involve the creation of millions of well-paying jobs. Very strong argument that acknowledges the balance between the environment and the economy.

12:27 – Biden states that he does not support the Green New Deal. Biden is the only one in that discussion who presented real policy on how he is going to address the climate crisis.

12:28 – Biden highlighting how the election will maintain integrity. Finishes by addressing directly to the camera the importance of voting. Biden has used this technique many times during the debate and to great impact.

12:29 – Trump does not believe unsolicited ballots are free from fraud.

12:31 – Definitely a concerning way to end this debate. Trump continues to admit that mail-in ballots will lead to fraud even though it occurred in the last election as well.

12:33 – Trump isn’t admitting defeat here through his discussion of mail-in ballots, but he is setting himself up to not believe the result if he loses. There is definitely a concern in this area but neither side is presenting a solution to the problem of election integrity.

12:37 – Trump focusing upon ballots being thrown out or put in places that mean they can’t be counted. Doesn’t provide a solution to the problem.

12:38 – Biden states that he will support the outcome of the election no matter what occurs. Trump attempting to get to final word of the debate.

12:39 – And that wraps up the first debate. Next debate will be October 7th. A roller coaster of a debate but certainly not unexpected.

A few final thoughts before a more in-depth recap in the next few days.

Biden presented more policy and ideas during the debate. Trump attempted to distract him with constant chatter and jumping in on Biden, but it was largely unsuccessful. Trump continued with reaffirming what he has done over the past 4 years and suggesting that he will continue to work as he has been doing in the 4 years to come if re-elected. After watching it all, I would give this debate to Biden. I felt as if he presented more ideas, was able to rebut the statements of Trump to greater affect and was capable of overcoming Trump’s attempts to distract him. But, all in all, there isn’t much we can take out of this debate. It was chaotic, there was a lot of useless comments, and no statements were entirely shocking. Onto the next!

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