Typically, both sides of politics sit in a fierce debate over a year. Whether it be arguing in parliament or through the media, political discussion can become very heated with both sides fighting for power and relevance.

However, this year has been different. Australia’s Labor Party, who are currently in the opposition, have been relatively quiet and reasonable during the pandemic. They haven’t strongly argued with the Liberal Party’s policies, and they have been willing to quickly pass urgent legislation even if they spot a few minor flaws. This has been led by Anthony Albanese who many Australians probably haven’t even heard about in the last 6 months.

During the critical times of Australia’s response to COVID-19, Albanese’s decision to remain relatively quiet has been the right decision. But, as time has passed on, some of his colleagues have questioned his leadership and ability to sell the Labor party to the Australian people. The Labor Party’s critical failure in the 2019 Federal election was their inability to distinguish themselves from the Liberal Party and advertise their policies as the most effective in running Australia.

I am sure Mr Albanese has been aware of these rumblings in his party, and he took the opportunity this week to take charge of the Labor Party.

Anthony Albanese delivered his budget reply in an extraordinary fashion. He was confident, and he was engaged. Mr Albanese passionately believed in the change he was speaking about. He announced a childcare policy which involves assistance with fees intending to reach a 90% subsidy for all families. After the government’s failure to adequately address the issues in childcare in their budget, Anthony Albanese took his opportunity and will undoubtedly win over some voters with this new policy.

Furthermore, Anthony Albanese has taken his opportunity to take the lead. At each significant political moment, there are barriers, and each side has the chance to get out to a fast lead. Scott Morrison’s budget failed to care for those who have been impacted significantly during the pandemic, and Mr Albanese took his opportunity to highlight what the Labor party would do differently. The Labor Party is now in the lead, and that gives Albanese the chance to be more offensive in his attacks against the Liberal Party.

If this version of Anthony Albanese continues to remain active over the next two years, Labor has an enormous chance of regaining power in Australia’s government. For a politician who speaks from pre-written notes, is merely trying to avoid criticism with their own preservation in mind.  But, one who talks about something that they sincerely believe in, has the motivation and commitment to create real change, for all Australians.  


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