Ever since I started writing on this blog, I have received one question more than any other. That question is:

“Why do you write?”

When defining blogging success, you always have to look back to your reason for blogging in the first place. Have you achieved what you set out to do? Well, here is my attempt to define blogging success for my blog. But remember, everyone will define blogging success differently because everyone writes for different reasons.

Initially, I wrote articles on this blog to practice my writing. It was an area of my academics that was particularly weak, and I wanted to improve on it. I had also been watching the news for numerous years and had lots of opinions but no way to express them. This blog provided me with the opportunity to further challenge my ideas and express them in written form.

As I continued to write, and more people began to read and engage with my posts, I wanted to encourage discussion about crucial issues in our world. I wanted my blog to be a place that could spark thought and motivate others to do their own research or talk to others about problems in our world that require solutions.

That is where I fell in love with blogging. I was able to talk to people from around the world about topics ranging from drug abuse to refugees to American politics to sport and music. These conversations are the reason I continue to love blogging.

I then wanted to engage a younger audience with my posts as I started to write about more personal subjects and topics relevant to youth. I began the Levine Lowdown Instagram page, and that has provided me with the opportunity to really step out of my comfort zone. The Instagram page began with only photos and a caption but has now expanded to video stories, short clips, q & a’s, and live chats.

 I certainly haven’t achieved all of my goals concerning my blog. I want to continue to write and share my work with people around the world. I want to continue engaging in thought-provoking discussions that challenge me to think outside the box and consider different world views.

For me, blogging success is the people I get to meet and talk to along the way. It is the discussions and debates that my posts create, and it is continuing to pursue my love for writing about and analysing the incredible world which we live in.

How do you define blogging success? Let me know in the comments below!   


11 thoughts on “Defining Blogging Success

  1. Why do I blog? My post title explains: annieasksyou seeks dialogue to inform, enlighten, and/or amuse you and me.

    I love the fact that my blogging community consists of people on five continents. And I am delighted to now be connected with a young man in Australia who is thoughtful, concerned about the world, and writes clearly and well!

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