The 2nd Presidential Debate is about to begin and I will be giving live updates during the debate! All time stamps are in AEST!

Please let me know your thoughts about the debate in the comment section below!

12:05 – Debate begins with a discussion regarding America’s response to COVID-19

12:08 – Trump’s opening address on COVID-19 focuses upon what could have been. Talks about how it could be worse but does not address the over 200,00 deaths.

12:09 – Biden’s address focuses upon what is happening right now. Already a clear difference between the two leaders. Trump talking about a future that didn’t happen. Biden talking about the present.

12:11 – Trump very confident about the likelihood of a vaccine being available by the end of the year. Biden questioning this timeline but Trump supported his claim with evidence of companies who he believes will be ready to produce the vaccine before 2021.

12:12 – Already noticing a difference in Trump’s demeanor during this debate. Much less aggressive, not attacking Biden’s policy or personally, acting very calm and composed at the moment.

12:15 – This debate is strange. It’s currently a debate between 2 calm and composed figures. Very different vibe to the first debate. Biden once again utilising his strategy to talk directly to the American people. Trump trying to be seen as more reasonable at the moment.

12:19 – Biden begins talking about lockdowns providing examples of closing down bars and gyms to help control outbreaks.

12:20 – Trump utterly against the idea of lockdown of any form. This is almost becoming the slogan for his re-election campaign: “Open the country”

12:22 – Business vs Health. Money vs People. It’s a classic conservative vs progressive showdown. It’s a scenario which we have witnessed thousands of times around the world. The question for American’s is really quite simple when voting. Money or people.

12:24 – Nothing particularly “new” being discussed here. Both sides just repeating what they have been talking about for the last 3 months.

12:26 – End of the section on COVID-19. Discussion came down to what I talked about at (12:22). Money vs People. Trump definitely trying to be considered more reasonable and composed. Both sides strong in their arguments. Now onto Iran and Russia’s role in influencing the election.

12:30 – Discussion about foreign interference going on tangents. Neither side providing a real answer on how to end foreign election interference.

12:32 – Back onto talking about tax returns. Biden very transparent on his tax. Trump with more loose promises. “I’ll release them as soon as I can”. Which directly translates as never.

12:35 – Trump is starting to fall back into his communication of the first debate. Starting to target Biden more, even personal comments which are irrelevant. Biden continuing to act the same, speaking to the camera effectively speaking into people.

12:39 – Conversation moving onto China. Biden’s opening address a mix of nationalism and internationalism. Focusing upon upholding the interests of America while also ensuring that international laws are met.

12:41 – Instead of Trump responding to Biden’s comments, he starts attacking his family and family payments. Whether true or not, I just don’t see the effectiveness of this type of debate by the President. He was avoiding the personal attacks at the start but now that’s almost all he is talking about, just in a composed fashion.

12:43 – Trump decides to respond to Biden’s strategy of bringing each topic back to the scenario of people sitting around a table. Great response from Trump who was able to highlight a major flaw in Biden’s key strategy of these debates.

12:45 – Moderator trying to be very fair in allowing each side to speak. However, there are 6 topics to talk about and we have only talked about 2 topics in 46 minutes. Trump now just talking over the moderator.

12:48 – Next topic is about healthcare. Trump’s address focuses on how he wants to get rid of ObamaCare and he talks about how he is going to create a better option. Trump providing no features of this ‘new system’.

12:50 – Biden providing 3 key ways that healthcare will change under his Presidency. Trump providing nothing. This topic is a clear win to Biden unless Trump can rebut with actual policy or ideas and how the outcome of his plans will be better than Biden’s plans.

12:53 – Trump has been destroyed in the topic of healthcare. He has provided nothing! Not a single policy, not a single plan, not even a single idea. Biden has provided ideas and illustrated how they will help Americans.

12:55 – When Trump starts talking about socialism, that is often a sign that he is losing a topic. Biden strong in stating that he is not another candidate, he is not Bernie Sanders and his policy is far from socialist. Trump has had numerous opportunities to respond effectively but returns to personal comments.

12:59 – Biden going for a speech of unity. Talking about not seeing red/blue but seeing everyone as American. Biden trying to target those sitting on the fence to vote Democrat, Trump willing to let him speak like this without rebuttal.

1:02 – Discussion on the minimum wage. Trump stating that he believes in a state-led solution. Biden wants to prioritise raising the minimum wage nationally. Clear difference here between the two sides. State solution by Trump means that almost nothing will happen.

1:04 – At the start of this debate Trump was answering questions with evidence. Now he isn’t answering any question and is just putting everything back onto Joe Biden. Becoming hard to listen to. No one cares what the Democrats did in 2008. People want to know what you are going to do regrading immigration from November 4th 2020 to 2024.

1:08 – Immigration debate very strange and almost meaningless. Nothing of any substance provided by either side.

1:09 – Biden talking about how there is institutionalized racism in America. Continues to talk about the importance of education and healthcare. Very clear and very direct.

1:13 – Trump’s address was a rollercoaster. Started with a personal attack against Biden. Then talked about how he has been one of the greatest President’s in supporting the African-American community. Provides broad examples leading to an example of giving sums of money to schools and colleges. Is money enough?

1:18 – “I’m the least racist person in this room”. That is the words of Trump. Decides not to directly answer the question on his thoughts about the BLM movement.

1:20 – Biden owns up and admits the Crime Bill that was passed was a mistake. Biden takes accountability for this bill. Trump responds by questioning why Biden didn’t do more during his time as Vice President.

1:22 – Trump has constantly bought each topic and each of Biden’s policy back to “why didn’t you do this in your 8 years as vice-President”. It’s a very fair point and Biden responds by stating that it was a Republican Congress. Still, it does point towards a lack of words turning into action. This is something that Trump is not guilty of.

1:27 – Discussion currently surrounding climate change. Both sides repeating points that have been made previously. Biden provides strong evidence about the economic advantages of his environmental policy but, Trump continues with his strong rhetoric on supporting industry.

1:30 – Biden is starting to look tired as this debate comes to an end. Starting to struggle with responding to questions, Trump still looking strong and active.

1:31 – It doesn’t matter if you are sick and dying, as long as you are making a lot of money. That is what Trump is saying on his address regarding people in communities close to chemical plants. A crazy comment.

1:32 “It doesn’t matter what you’re paying them. It matters if they are safe”. Decisive response from Biden. Biden states that he is willing to move away from the oil industry, it is a strong statement from Biden and it could be a problem in some of the key states that rely on the oil industry.

1:35 – “Success will bring us together”. Trump closes with an address that summarises his policies mentioned during this debate. A focus on money and industry.

1:36 – “Enormous opportunities”. Biden closes by talking about the opportunity to create change under his Presidency.

1:37 – The debate is now finished. Here are some final thoughts:

  • Very coherent and organised debate which was very different to the first debate
  • President Trump was certainly more calm and composed during the debate but lacked evidence
  • Biden dominated the conversation about healthcare but couldn’t completely dominate areas such as the environment and race
  • Biden’s performance was fine but nothing spectacular
  • 12 days now until the election and I still think the result is in the balance

Enjoy the rest of your day and talk to you all soon!

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