It’s almost time. Tomorrow, America will decide who will lead their nation into the future. Will it be Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

This election campaign has been crazy. Black Lives Matter riots. Tax Debates. Immense Social Media Advertising. And all of this within a global pandemic. The debates between Trump and Biden showcased a clear difference between the two candidates. Trump, focused upon the economy, and Biden focused upon health. It is a classic battle of conservative vs progressive and the result will define the next years in America and around the world.

Another controversial aspect of this election has been regarding the mail-in ballots. Election experts have stated today that it is possible that we may not hear a result of the election for several days after tomorrow. However, it is essential to note that Trump will still be President and the current Senate and House will remain until a bit into 2021, so even if there is confusion surrounding the initial result, the business of the US government will continue regardless.

For those in America still considering who to vote for, or for those in Australia or other places in the world who are interested in the candidates, here is how they differ on key issues:


Biden’s COVID-19 plan includes establishing a national mask mandate which would require masks to be worn on all federal property. He would also create a co-operative system with states to encourage unity and equality between state guidelines.

Trump has continued his rhetoric of downplaying the seriousness of COVID-19 and his claims lead towards continuing to push for American states to re-open and restrictions to be lifted.

Law and Order

Biden’s stance on law and order involves a few crucial policies. Firstly, he has proposed moving to decriminalise the use of cannabis and removing mandatory minimum sentences at the federal level. Moreover, he has promised to spend an additional $300 million a year on community policing initiatives and making funding conditional on reform.

Trump has created some effective laws during his time as President. One involves giving government grants to police departments that implement specific training or policies such as de-escalation techniques or databases to trade abuses by officers. This program is set to continue, and Trump has also mentioned the possibility of funding programs that enable former prisoners to effectively re-enter the community.

Racial Equality

Biden’s stance of racial equality has been focused upon narrowing the wealth gap between black and white communities. He has proposed solving this by expanding access to lending programs for black entrepreneurs, boosting funding for school with a high percentage of students from low-income families and giving tax breaks to certain investments in lower-income areas.

Donald Trump has announced his Platinum Plan, which includes a plan to prosecute the Ku Klux Klan as domestic terrorists and make lynching a federal hate crime. The Plan also aims to give African-Americans greater educational choice and increase access to capital in black communities.

Those are just some of the many critical issues that differ the two Presidential candidates.

The world is suffering right now. I fear violence could occur regardless of who wins the election, so I hope that people remain safe and understand that it is not the end of the world which candidate is elected President. I hope that people in America vote for who they want to lead their country, and the outcome can be without controversy as much as possible.

Personally, I predict that Biden will win in a much closer outcome than expected, but you can never rule out Donald Trump. Until tomorrow, goodbye!

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