Today is the day!

America is about to decide whether it will be Donald Trump or Joe Biden who will lead their nation into the future.

I will be bringing live updates throughout the day as we await the outcome of one of the most important and controversial elections in recent time.

All time stamps will be in AEDT and feel free to let me know your thoughts of the proceedings in the comments below!

11:12 – Donald Trump wins Kentucky and Joe Biden wins Vermont. Both very safe states for the respective candidates. Some voting polls in Florida have already closed which is a key battleground.

11:37 – Florida is a vital state. Trump can’t win the election unless he wins Florida. Trump is currently performing well in a strong Democratic county but with only half the votes counted, there is still a long way to go before a winner of Florida is announced.

11:42 – Another two states have been announced. Biden has won Virginia and trump has secured West Virginia. No surprises here so far as both of these states are very safe.

12:06 – Still close in Florida but looks like Trump may win. Important to note that Trump NEEDS Florida. Biden WANTS Florida.

12:07 – Lots of safe seats just announced. Trump has won Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. Biden has won Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island. Biden now leads 85 to 55.

12:48 – Important to remember that although all the focus is on the election, millions of Americans are still battling with the consequences of COVID-19. The virus is still out of control in many states and more and more people are being placed in hospital. Could this be a deciding factor in who will win this election?

13:11 – Some more seats have been announced. Trump has won North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Louisiana, Nebraska and Indiana. Biden has won New York and New Mexico.

13:12 – Biden looking good in some key battleground states. He is currently ahead in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The other key battleground states that we will be watching closely is Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina and Michigan.

13:56 – The tide is certainly changing. Support for Trump is increasing and he is taking a lead in North Carolina and Texas. Trump also completely taking over the betting markets.

13:57 – Biden has won Colorado but is falling behind in other key states. Arizona will be important to watch as it is an opportunity for Biden to take a lead and that could swing this election. Otherwise, the prospect of 4 more year’s of Trump is starting to look more plausible.

14:10 – Trump has won Kansas. Democrats set to hold majority in the House and could possibly take a couple of seats in the Senate. Trump coming back in Ohio. If he can win Ohio, he can win the election.

15:48 – Arizona being called by some sources to be secured by Biden.

15:49 – It could still be a couple of days before votes are fully counted in states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania. For Biden to win, he now needs to overcome some serious deficits. The amount of votes counted in some of the major cities is still low, so he is likely to win some votes there, but it isn’t looking good for the Democrats.

15:50 – The possibility of a tie is continuing to increase. If there is a tie, it would be up to the House of Representative to break the tie and declare the winner.

17:06 – Trump has won the state of Ohio and Biden has won Hawaii and Minnesota

17:10 – Trump made a statement that was surprisingly confident. He believes that he can win Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania even though he is currently behind in the current count. He has reminded everyone to remain patient and isn’t willing to call the election yet.

17:15 – Trump has won Florida and looks well placed to win Texas, Georgia and North Carolina. This certainly means that we will not know a result tonight and it will at least be a couple of days until we have a final outcome, maybe more.

17:18 – The tweets have started again by Donald Trump after a 7-hour absence. His comments follow a similar tone to Biden as he states how confident he is of winning the election.

17:21 – We’re now in a stalemate and it will probably stay like this for another day at least. We are waiting for the results of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Georgia to decide the outcome of this election.

It is now 10:32 the following day and to conclude this live update blog, here is what we know so far

  • The election is now down to 3 states. Nevada, North Carolina and Georgia. If Biden can win just 1 of these states, he win’s the election. Trump needs to win all 3 states to win the election. It looks like Trump will hold onto Pennsylvania and Biden has currently secured Wisconsin and Michigan
  • Trump once again played Mr Predictable. He has questioned the result, declared victory in states that he clearly hasn’t won and has stated he will take the result to the courts. I’m not surprised but it means this process could go on for much longer
  • It is unlikely that we will know the election result today, but is likely we will know tomorrow when Nevada start to count ballots again
  • This will not be a moral victory for the Democrats. This is not the landslide or dominant victory that the polls suggested. If Biden wins, he will only just win and that means he has a long road ahead if he seeks unity among the American people.

I hope you all enjoyed this live update blog!

I will be bringing more articles in the coming days as we unpack this crazy election!

4 thoughts on “LIVE UPDATES: 2020 American Election

  1. Sim,

    I appreciate what you’re doing, but you’ve misquoted Trump in a serious way. Although Biden said he believed he was on the way to victory ( and he is!), Trump lied, as usual, claiming victory despite the fact that so many states haven’t been called. His strategy now is to sue and claim the election is being stolen from here. He wants to stop the count of legally cast votes—but only those he thinks won’t benefit him. This is dangerous rhetoric—in accordance with how he’s run these past four years.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi annie, thank you for your comment!

      At the time of writing that update, Trump had not lied about claiming victory. That update was before his press conference.

      Due to the timezones I was unable to continue to live updates yesterday, but I will endeavour to update the blog now with the accurate information which has been released over the past 12 hours.

      Thank you 🙂


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