It was a crazy day. One that perfectly represented how this year has felt so far. There were ups, downs, periods of strange stability, and then a return to chaos again.

Now, I am not calling this election yet. It is still incredibly close. There are still votes to be counted in Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. It looks as if Biden is likely to win, but it will be at least tomorrow before we officially find out who has won the most votes.

Nevertheless, here are the key moments from election day and what impact they may have moving forward:

  • Trump and Biden both comprehensively won their respective ‘safe’ states. Biden dominated on the West Coast while Trump dominated in states such as Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. It quickly became a battle for only a few key states, the first of them Florida
  • If Biden won Florida, the election could have already been called. Trump had to win Florida, and that is what he did. It looks like he was able to secure the majority of the Latino vote and that has kept Trump’s re-election hopes alive
  • After Florida was announced, all eyes moved to Texas. The initial shock was a minor lead by Biden. This was another state that Trump had to win to have any chance of securing the election. Although Biden took the early lead, Trump clawed back and ended up relatively easily winning the state.
  • The big news coming out of election day was that Biden had been able to flip Arizona. Now, the vote is still going in Arizona and Trump is starting to make a comeback, however; Biden should just hold on. After the losses of Florida and Texas, this was a much-needed win for Biden.
  • Then, everything calmed down for several hours. Vote counting in many states began to dramatically slow down, and all eyes were glued to Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. During this time, Trump also won the state of Ohio by a considerable margin which was another state Biden would have been hopeful about leading into election day.
  • The election was now starting to look like a Republican victory. Betting markets when crazy as Trump took leads in Michigan and Wisconsin. It wasn’t looking good. Until the blue wave started. As the mail-in ballots began to be counted, the vote for Biden rose rapidly as Trump’s margin became smaller and smaller. As the night came to an end, Biden overcame the deficit and beat Trump in Wisconsin by a mere 20,000 votes.
  • Then, Trump started doing what he does best. Cause absolutely unnecessary chaos. He falsely labelled the count a fraud, and he has now submitted multiple court cases. Trump betrayed the democratic principle by calling the election early, cried foul and attempted a pre-emptive power grab. He wanted the counting to stop, but at that stage, he was losing, so he wanted to lose?
  • Then the press conferences. Biden pleaded for patience in a confident but short speech. Trump lied, falsely accused and portrayed the election as a fraud.

Well, that was election day. It certainly had its moments, but with Donald Trump, you always have to expect the unexpected.

Since election day, Biden has secured Michigan and significantly reduced Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania. Nevada will begin counting again tomorrow, and if Biden wins in Nevada, the election is already over.

Also, here’s two things that weren’t reported yesterday.

  1. America had 100,000 new cases of COVID-19
  2. Yesterday was the worst day of COVID-19 globally yet with over 9,000 deaths.

Although the election took all our attention, let’s not forget about a virus that is continuing to destroy millions of lives around the world. And the ignorance of some leaders who still refuse to do anything about it.

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