Blogging is a creative art. It can come in many different forms and is entirely directed by the author. Blogging requires consistent creativity, innovation and critical thinking. However, this can become difficult to sustain and can often lead to blogging burnout.

In my short time of blogging, one of my goals has been to be consistent. At times, this has looked like posting articles every day or every second day, but in other instances, my upload schedule has been much more sporadic. I’ve found it very difficult to sustain a consistent level of writing as I never wanted it to be forced. I truly believe that blogging should be in the moment, a flowing piece of writing based upon what you are feeling and what you have read. Blogging that is forced is rarely enjoyable to read.

Blogging burnout can be difficult. There are times that I wished I could have written more. Times that interesting news broke which I wanted to report on. But, I reminded myself not to force myself to write an article if it wasn’t going to be natural. It’s okay to take a break from writing and allow your ‘creative juices’ to build back up. It’s okay to not blog if you’d rather spend time doing other things or spending time with people.

Although this article is primarily about blogging burnout, I believe it applies to many areas of our lives.

When we find something that we love or are passionate about, we can continually do this activity multiple times because it brings us great joy. However, over time, this activity which once bought us joy can soon feel like a chore. Maybe this activity for you is swimming or painting or playing video games or even playing an instrument. When we don’t allow ourselves to take a break to refresh, the love and passion we had for an activity can slowly diminish. When we do something because we think we need to instead of because we want to, the activity can become less fulfilling.

So, I challenge you all to reflect on the importance of taking a break to refresh. Allowing yourself to re-build your passion and love for an activity so that it no longer feels forced, but brings you immense joy and fulfilment.

Our passions are extraordinary and unique to us all, and it is a gift we must manage so that they can continue to provide us purpose and direction for the rest of our lives.

Blogging burnout can become very common when blogging turns from a natural writing experience to a forced activity. However, blogging burnout is nothing to be afraid of. It is a sign to take a break, refresh, and re-build those creative juices so that blogging can continue to provide incredible experiences, new friendships and a place to share thoughts with those around us.

14 thoughts on “The Reality of Blogging Burnout

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, sometimes it can be a hard thing to balance, and I think that is something for each person to find! But, I think its important to not push yourself to the point where it feels forced, especially in areas which are your passions!


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