We didn’t have time to prepare! We were focusing on controlling large outbreaks as our first priority! We had to ensure our economy didn’t collapse and lead to chaos!

Many countries in the world can use these excuses to justify their slow rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. Australia CAN NOT.

We haven’t had a significant outbreak since December, and we haven’t had a severe outbreak since September.

So, what’s the excuse, Scott Morrison?

Yes, we started late. You told us that there was no rush to begin vaccinations and that the vaccines’ safety should be ensured before any injections. Still, even at the 6-week mark, we’ve only administered half as many shots per head of population as other countries at the same 6-week mark.

Only 2% of Australians have been vaccinated.

46% of people in Britain have been vaccinated, along with 30% in the US.

It is staggering how far behind we are. Yesterday, America had 50,329 new cases of the virus. The UK had just over 2,700. Australia? Zero cases of community transmission and 9 from international travellers in hotel quarantine. The US can still administer thousands of vaccines a day while attempting to manage the virus. Australia only has one job. Vaccine rollout. Evidently, that task has still been too complicated for the government to appropriately manage. Unfortunately, you can’t just leave this issue up to the State government’s this time, Mr Morrison.

Excuse my harsh and sarcastic criticism of the Prime Minister, but his words and actions over the past few months can only be described as ‘floaty’. He just floats around. No courageous decision-making, no powerful public speeches creating certainty in the community. He briefly responds to a question and then jumps around the problem, somehow convincing himself that he’s adequately answered the question.

The solution to resurrecting Australia’s vaccine rollout starts with the Morrison government. Greater federal transparency is required through accurate and precise information. This must be presented multiple times a week and include information such as the quantity and location of every dose delivered to every state. Re-assuring citizens about the vaccines’ safety can also improve public confidence and lead to more people stepping forward to be vaccinated.

However, the government must also provide the State governments with the authority and autonomy to organise their rollout. The federal government must supply any number of vaccines that the states require and allow the bodies that run our public hospitals to administer the doses. This is where the State governments need to plan how they can efficiently vaccinate their population. Using prominent public venues, allowing pharmacies access to the vaccine (similar to flu vaccinations), and increasing the number of GP’s are all options in expanding the rollout of the vaccine. We have the facilities, we must utilise them.

The main issue with Australia’s vaccine rollout has been confusion. When you don’t have a strong leader who has a clear plan of action, chaos can start to ensue. Other secondary leaders begin to make their own decisions that conflict with each other, and eventually, the whole process comes to a grinding halt. It starts with Scott Morrison. It starts with the leadership of Australia’s liberal party. With effective communication, urgency and the capacity to delegate appropriately, Australia can achieve its vaccination goals.

As a university student, I’m offer guilty of leaving assignments to the last minute. (In fact, I should probably be doing an assignment instead of writing this article). The problem when you leave an assignment to the last minute is that you don’t have any time to relax, or take a break, or slow down, it’s full intensity until the assignment is done.

Scott Morrison, you left your assignment to the last minute. There’s nothing you can do about it now, other than working at full intensity and with complete commitment until the task is done.

15 thoughts on “Australia’s Vaccine Disaster

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  1. Good post, Simeon! I had no idea that Australia was that far behind on the vaccine rollout … that’s terrible, but fortunately you don’t have a high number of new cases. This may well be Scott Morrison’s Waterloo, eh?

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    1. Thank you very much Jill! Great to hear from you 🙂 We are in the fortunate position of not urgently requiring vaccination to control an outbreak; however, the continuation of progress out of the pandemic relies upon vaccinations.

      It hasn’t been a good month for Scott Morrison. It’s hard to determine where he’s currently positioned (popularity wise). An election towards the end of the year seems likely – a unified, cohesive and thorough election approach by the opposition could certainly result in the fall of the Liberal Party.

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      1. Yes, you are fortunate in not having a current surge, but you’re right … the sooner everyone is vaccinated, the sooner you can breathe a collective sigh of relief! We are doing a fair job here, with over 1/3 vaccinated and vaccines being done in the millions each day. But, yesterday it was reported that the evangelicals, who comprise some 25% of our population, will refuse the vaccine, which will slow the progress of our escape from the pandemic. Sigh. We cannot force them … it is all a political nightmare.

        I have never warmed to Scott Morrison for some reason, perhaps because most of my Australian friends dislike him. But it does seem that he has bungled the vaccine rollout in much the way that our former guy bungled the entire pandemic!

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      2. That’s an incredible result to already have over 1/3 vaccinated! Disappointing that the evangelicals are refusing to be vaccinated. Hopefully, the success of the vaccine will shift some opinions on that issue, as having part of the population not vaccinated is going to raise further complications.

        Yes, that could certainly be the case! His lack of leadership is what is particularly troubling at this time. There has been quite a lot of confusion in our media over the past 48 hours in relation to the AstraZeneca vaccine and it’s safety for Australians. Still, Scott Morrison has made no clear and authoritative address on this matter. The country is longing for a leader to take us through this last phase of the pandemic.

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      3. Yes, it is pretty incredible and I have 3 friends who were vaccinated just today. Like you, I am hoping that the evangelicals come to their senses as they see the number of new cases coming down, but … I’m not holding my breathe, for they are a very narrow-minded lot.

        I think there is confusion world-wide regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine! I have a friend in the UK who had it and then experienced some very bad reactions a month later. I hear that it is effective and relatively safe, but … who wants to take a chance if they don’t have to, if there are other options. I know just what you mean … we lacked leadership of any sort for the first year of the pandemic and the result was we had the highest number of both cases and deaths, and also that even now, some people still believe the virus is a hoax!!! Sigh.

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      4. It is very true about not needing to take the risk if there is no immediate concern. I was reading today that in nation’s with serious outbreaks, they will continue to administer the AstraZeneca vaccine although they are doing further research into some impacts. There was another report about the Pfizer vaccine possibly not working against the South African variant of the virus. It’s certainly a period of uncertainty with the creation of the vaccines, but just like when the vaccine started and there was lots of panic, we have to look to the doctors and medical professionals, and trust them. If we did that from the start of the pandemic, our world may look very different.

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      5. Such very frightening times all over the globe. I can honestly say that in the U.S., far too many people believed the former guy when he spent months saying the pandemic was a “Democratic hoax” and telling people just to go on about their daily business. He mocked the scientists, just as he did with the climate scientists who are warning that we are destroying our planet. Yes, things might look much different today if we had all been more proactive in the beginning. Sigh.

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      6. Yeah, that definititely wasn’t helpful. I guess all we can do is try to learn from the mistakes of last year, and put our trust in the people who we pay to protect our health. If we can’t do that, we don’t have much left.

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  2. I understand the frustration with the roll-out and the great Scott. It seems he only embraces a few policies with much relish. Coal, power, electrical power, the man is very keen on getting a decent grip on power, power, power.
    Thanks, etc, for the follow. You sure have a wide-ranging blog!

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    1. You are very right, he loves power. And he loves doing as little as possible to hold onto his power. Utilising his bag of excuses and generic statements to somehow convince people that he is making a difference.

      Thank you very much! This blog started in my last year of school, writing about politics and current affairs. But, has grown into a blog consisting of areas such as music, sport, international matters and some more personal topics. I’ve loved my journey of blogging so far, especially the ability to communicate with people such as yourself!

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