When numbers get higher and higher, they become more and more meaningless and incomprehensible. The numbers lose value, and the shock element that might have been present at the start, begins to fade away.

On the 1st of October 2020, I wrote an article titled “1 Million” (https://thelevinelowdown.com/2020/10/01/1-million/)

On the 17th of January 2021, I wrote an article titled “2 Million” (https://thelevinelowdown.com/2021/01/17/2-million/)

In only another 3 months, another 1 million people have passed away from COVID-19. It’s impossible to rationalise. I can’t differentiate between 3 million and 2 million in my head, but I must attempt. I have to try because I can’t let these numbers become meaningless. They are people, and they have lost their lives due to the global pandemic.

The post is a reminder to me, and hopefully to you, that although the news about vaccines has overwhelmed the news about the negative consequences of the virus, thousands of people are still losing their lives to COVID-19 every day. I am incredibly grateful to be in Australia, a country that has eradicated the virus from the community and can now travel overseas to New Zealand.

We no longer hear about the devastation of the virus. We only hear about the progress of the vaccine rollout and the new freedoms we can enjoy. There’s a widespread belief in Australia that the pandemic has passed, and everything will be back to normal shortly. I admit at times, I can completely forget about the pandemic and ignore its continued impact.

More people contracted COVID-19 globally in the last week than any other previous week. Although Australia has eradicated the virus, worldwide, the virus has never been more infectious and dangerous to citizens.

To those outside Australia, I can only imagine the pain and frustration that you feel as you continue to battle a virus that has been present in society for well over a year. However, there is great hope in positive changes coming sooner than ever. Vaccine rollouts have begun in most nations, and relief from restrictions will occur. Remain resilient and continue to listen to the guidelines provided by local authorities.

No one wants to hear about COVID-19 anymore; however, we must remember that the virus continues to cause widespread destruction, and that damage isn’t limited to human health. The impact of a pandemic transcends the health consequences. It affects jobs, family relationships, and basic human necessities.

Remember that there is still and will always be hope.


5 thoughts on “3 Million

  1. You are so right … the bigger the numbers become, the longer they accumulate, the less meaningful they are to us. We become inured … until it hits one of our own loved ones. I cannot speak for other countries, but in the U.S., much of the ongoing new cases and death rates could have been prevented if, a) our government had been honest with us a year ago, and b) people were more concerned about the common good than their individual ‘freedoms’. The refusal of some to wear a mask or to be vaccinated is only adding to the problem, keeping new cases and deaths higher than they needed to be. It’s been over a year, people want their lives back, and I get that … but we won’t have our lives back until we conquer this pandemic, and the only way we can conquer it is if we all pull together, care enough about others to do the right thing. Good post, Simeon … thank you!

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    1. Hi Jill, thank you for your comment! I think the fact that the numbers are no longer measurable in our minds, have almost led people to forget about the impact of the pandemic. People seemed to be much more concerned when there were 10,000 combined deaths, but are less concerned now that there have been over 3 million. In Australia especially, where I’m from, because we haven’t had many cases, people rarely know someone who has been significantly impacted by the virus – which is a factor you mentioned. It was the same for me. It was hard to properly realise the extent and impact of the virus until some of my family in South Africa contracted COVID. It looks like we have the vaccines that we need. It’s up to the administration of governments to ensure that as many people as possible are vaccinated by the end of this year. Then we can enjoy the freedoms that 2022 will bring.

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      1. Indeed … I was thinking last night … the larger the numbers get, the less we are able to relate to them. It’s the same when we say some new program will cost $62 billion … why, I cannot even fathom billions … or even millions … of dollars, so the number is truly meaningless to me. (And I’m an accountant, a numbers person … imagine how it must feel to someone who isn’t numbers-oriented?) Let us hope for brighter days ahead, for a return to a pandemic-free world for us all.

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