I appreciated your backseat approach to the initial outbreak of the virus. I appreciated your willingness to cooperate on issues of national concern to ensure positive outcomes for the Australian public. However, a spectator in the grandstands is never going to win the Dally M Medal. There must come a time for action, leadership and performance. I’ll be honest, Mr Albanese, your time is running out.

Like politics in all democratic nations, Australian politics has become a popularity contest between party leaders. It won’t be the Liberal vs Labor party at the next election. It will be Scott Morrison vs Anthony Albanese. Therefore, it has never been more critical to ensure party leaders are doing their best to generate support and direct attention towards their policies.

The Liberal Party have had a disastrous 2021. The government has been mired in crisis, scandal and inept decision-making. The blatant failures of the vaccination program have provided new opportunities for the Labor Party to criticise a government that presents itself as a saviour to the Australian people. The list of promises broken by the Liberal government relating to the vaccine rollout continues to grow each day, and the government has been forced to create a new plan to effectively continue the rollout. The Liberal’s have also been plagued by claims of sexual harassment in the workplace, significantly undermining the integrity of the party.

Where has Anthony Albanese been? I honestly couldn’t tell you. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking him to hold press conferences every day criticising the government for every mistake they make. However, in his role as Opposition Leader, he has to provide an alternative to Australian voters. He has to highlight the government’s flaws and demonstrate how a parliament under his leadership would address the failures of the current Liberal party. This isn’t an extra-curricular activity for the Opposition Leader, this is the main requirement of his role, and he has failed to meet the expectation.

Albanese has a chance of winning the upcoming election, but with his current attitude and actions in the public eye, there is no doubt that Scott Morrison will remain Prime Minister. It is up to Mr Albanese to convince voters why the government NEEDS to change power. He holds that burden, and a failure to adequately attempt to meet that burden could see his place as party leader quickly change hands.

The Labor Party promised extensive change within the party after the humiliation of the 2019 election defeat to Scott Morrison. Since that day, nothing has changed. There has been no overhaul of Labor’s philosophy, no refreshing of party principles and no modernisation of enduring values. Time is running out Albo. The party doesn’t need another Bill Shorten; the party needs a leader who can hold attention, hold the government to account and present an alternative to voters.

Can you do it?

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