Our lives are frozen.

Although we’ve been in lockdown now for over 2 months, things have still been changing.

Lockdown restrictions have constantly been changing (albeit in the harsher direction) each week as NSW aimed to get control of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Although this news was disappointing and frustrating, things were still changing.

Now, everything has stopped.

We have to wait in silence.

70% of the population fully vaccinated before any real easing of restrictions (which arguably is too early, but options are running out).

That means that from now until then, which will be around mid-late October, nothing will change.

Restrictions will remain the same, consequences for breaking lockdown will remain the same, and nothing new will occur.

It’s 2 months of Déjà vu, Groundhog Day, the same situation without any change.

Our lives are frozen from now until then.

This is incredibly challenging, for some people excruciating.

The comfort that I try to take is that we are all in this together.

No one wants to be frozen; it’s not normal, it’s not human, but it’s the position we are in. And nothing will change that.

One of the impacts of remaining inside is the increased use of social media.

I have seen many posts and threads over the last couple of weeks that are concerning.

No vulgar language, no discrimination, but a lack of understanding and kindness.

It might sound corny, but what are we left with? We can’t fight back against the situation (because that would be excessively unproductive), so it’s up to us to decide our response.

Do we act with kindness or attempt to irritate people?

Our choices have been limited to these two, and I encourage you to choose wisely.

Everyone is frozen, our society has been atomised, and social media is a great way to build virtual bridges between communities.

But, just as much as it can build bridges, it can also build tunnels that destroy the foundations of homes.

Be careful, be kind; we’ve been through so much more of this pandemic than there is to come 😊

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