It’s only when you change jobs that you realise how comfortable you were in your old position.

It’s only when you move homes that you realise how comfortable you were at your old house.

It’s only when you are allowed to go outside 5km from your home that you realise how comfortable you became living permanently inside your bedroom.

A time of excitement! A time of joy! Right?

A return to normality?


Well, what is normality?

My definition of ‘normality’ has been significantly influenced by my recent memory – the last 14 weeks inside.

That’s what my life WAS, IS, and CONTINUES to be.

It doesn’t change instantly.

I can’t snap my fingers and revert my mental state back to May 2021.


I’m anxious.

Although I dreamt of the old normality, I grew comfortable within a new normality.

Now, things have changed, and it’s not going to be perfect straight away.

Just like the first 3-4 weeks of strict lockdown were immensely difficult, these first few weeks of new freedoms will be just as equally challenging.

There’s a dangerous perception that things will just return to a ‘fine’ state again.

However, when our lives change so dramatically within a relatively short period, we can’t expect that impacts won’t linger for weeks or months to come.

I’m struggling with this.

It’s not easy to force yourself into constantly uncomfortable situations – and sometimes, having a break and resting is important to recover and find balance.

But I’ll keep trying.

I know that things will improve, and I know that other people are feeling just like me.

It doesn’t feel right to feel at your worst when society tells you it should be one of the happiest times.

It’s okay.

I feel you – we’ve got this…


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