Hello! My name is Sim, I’m 19, and welcome to my blog.

What should you know about me?

  1. I love sport. In fact here is an image of all the teams I support, if you can tell me all of them, I’ll give you a red frog 

2. I enjoy watching and responding to the news through conversations with people and by writing my ideas down. I strongly believe in the importance of being aware of the world around us.

3. I look up to many people, but 400m world record holder, Wayde van Nierkerk inspires me through how he upholds and prioritises his values and beliefs in a sport which suffers from negative influences.

I continually seek to explore and understand our world through investing and creating ideas relating to important aspects of society.  I have been encouraged to write down my ideas on paper instead of keeping them in my head and sharing these articles with the hope that they continue important discussions. Everything in my blogs is my ideas and opinions at the time of writing. I aim to never disregard debate and discussion and am always willing to allow my opinions to change. Please enjoy reading my blog and find a way to contact me if you have questions.

Guest Author (The Music Roundup): Alexander Driscoll

My name is Alex Driscoll. I am 18 years old and attended school with Simeon. I have a number of passions including; football, food, history and politics. I am also a keen actor. My biggest passion is music. If you can name my favourite albums, I’ll one up Simeon and give you two red frogs. I enjoy writing about history and one day hope to translate my passion into a profession.