This is a momentous year in American politics. An election brings about debates, discussions, arguments and entertainment. Donald Trump will aim to extend his term, while the Democrats try to take him out of power. This election campaign will be full of surprises, shocks and awkward moments. That is why we are here to take you through each step of the way. As someone living outside America, we will look in from a different perspective and offer our thoughts on the proceedings.

Feel free to check out any of the articles below and let me know your thoughts!

So who will it be?

  • Trump?
  • Sanders?
  • Biden?
  • Warren?
  • Buttigieg?

Why america matters

America and guns

american school shootings

America in the middle east

Why i love bernie sanders

why i love donald trump


2 thoughts on “America 2020 Election

  1. Joe Biden has fucked up everything you say you love him for. He got 13 of our service members murdered for no reason. He has stranded hundreds if not thousands, of Americans in Afghanistan. Fuel prices are unaffordable for poor and middle class. Trade is all fucked and inflation is destroying middle America. he has a transgender lunatic running around the white house making gay boy videos. You support this crap?

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    1. Hi there Steve, I appreciate your very passionate and emotional message. I hope you can recognise that the posts you are referencing were published many months ago now and things have changed. President Biden has certainly made some mistakes in Afgahnistan, but we can’t entirely blame him when the issue has been ongoing for over 2 decades. I would also strongly suggest avoiding homophobic language, otherwise I will no longer be able to engage in a conversation with you.


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