Welcome to a new series being featured on the Levine Lowdown!

Each week, guest author Alex Driscoll will take you through the rounds of music he has subjected himself to for that week.

The structure will go something like this: a summary of songs I have been enjoying over the past week, a few quick reviews of notable releases and a feature article. Without further delay, let’s get stuck in.

Week 1: Top 5 albums of 2019


Week 2: A forgotten rock giant


WEEK 3: The hypocrisy of hedonism


Week 4: dark is deep


Week 5: dealing with creators who are bad people


Week 6: Movies, tv shows and video games with excellent soundtracks


Week 7: Arcade fire’s ‘the suburbs’ and its significance to me


Week 8: How do i rate albums?


week 9: Why the arts matter


week 10: great music videos


Week 11: Triple J hottest 100 of the decade


Week 12: top 10 australian albums of the decade


week 13: Quarantine album reviews


week 14: The impact of tiktok on the music industry


week 15: how much do critic’s opinions really matter?


week 16: An Experiment


week 17: The Dark Side of the moon


week 18: underground and unknown: a guide to musical cult classics


week 19: albums that took me by surprise


week 20: positive album reviews


week 21: Top 25 albums of the year so far


week 22: dealing with musical burnout


week 23: radiohead ranked


week 24: Black lives matter and music


week 25: top 25 songs of 2020 so far


week 26: what does each genre label mean?


week 27: great closing tracks


week 28: wap and the discourse around female rappers and songs about sex


week 29: the album that made me fall in love with music (urban hymns)


week 30+31: katy perry, blackbear, disclosure, and much more!


week 32: great pre-2020 quarantine albums

The Music Roundup Week 32: Great Pre-2020 Quarantine Albums – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 33: joji, machine gun kelly, idles and much more!

The Music Roundup Week 33: Joji, Machine Gun Kelly, IDLES and much more! – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 34: 3 albums to get you into experimental hip-hop

The Music Roundup Week 34: 3 Albums to get You into Experimental Hip-Hop – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 35: toxicity and obsession: my thoughts on ‘Stan’ culture

The Music Roundup Week 35: Toxicity and Obsession: My Thoughts on ‘Stan’ Culture – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 36: Great 2020 eps!

The Music Roundup Week 36: Great 2020 EPs! – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 37: quarantine album reviews 2

The Music Roundup Week 37: Quarantine Album Reviews 2 – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 38: benee, miley cyrus, yungblud and much more!

The Music Roundup Week 38: BENEE, Miley Cyrus, YUNGBLUD and much more! – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 39: top 10 songs of 2020

The Music Roundup Week 39: Top 10 Songs of 2020 – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 40: top 50 albums of 2020 part 1

The Music Roundup Week 40: Top 50 Albums of 2020 Part 1 – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 41: top 50 albums of 2020 part 2

The Music Roundup Week 41: Top 50 Albums of the Year Part 2 – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 42: My most anticipated releases of 2021!

The Music Roundup Week 42: My Most Anticipated Releases of 2021! – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 43: my reaction to the triple j hottest 100

The Music Roundup Week 43: My Reaction to the Triple J Hottest 100 – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 44: the first 10/10 album!!!

The Music Roundup Week 44: The FIRST 10/10 Album!!! – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)