“COVID is deadly! Do everything you can to protect yourselves and your loved ones!”

“Actually, jokes, you’re most likely going to catch it, and that’s okay!”

We have witnessed a dramatic transformation in rhetoric from our leaders regarding the future of the pandemic. An increasing acceptance that the virus will spread without the reintroduction of restrictions, and although this is arguably the right decision, it doesn’t change how dramatic it is.

We’ve been fed a stringent message by the government and media over the past 24 months. It has been consistent and direct. This rapid change comes with confusion and anxiety.

It’s like the media suddenly producing stories exclaiming that “terrorists are actually good people and we should shake their hands”. WHAT?!? You’ve been non-stop telling me how horrific terrorists are, and now you want me to like them? No one will immediately change their mindset when a perspective is adapted so quickly.

Once again, we need to be patient when the world tells us to move on with our lives. Our brains can’t keep up with the media, and if we try, we risk causing harm to ourselves. Take it slow.

As frustrating as it is, I feel very similar to the times coming out of lockdown. The anxiety of going back into a world that is uncomfortable. A world that I hadn’t mentally come to terms with yet because I can’t expect my brain to adapt instantly. However, there is hope in time.

Our mindset can change, and our mindset will change. It will likely result in more minor public interactions initially but continue to try. Push yourself out of your comfort zone but acknowledge when it’s time to take a break.

The pandemic mindset is beginning to change. It’s a process. A journey. It won’t be easy, but it’s worth it. The world looks great on the other side so let’s get there.

You choose the pace.


2 thoughts on “Changing the Mindset

  1. I think the general public mood concerning covid has shifted as well, probably partly as a result of the media etc. Because I remember that in the first lockdown, if anyone considered questioning the restrictions, they would be considered extreme. But now, I have noticed many people simply brush it off, and assume it is something we now just need to live with it. But from my point of view, we still need to be careful, because still a considerable number of people are dying, which (in the UK), is overwhelming the NHS.

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    1. Yes, I think that’s definitely true in countries like the UK who haven’t had lockdowns very recently. As Australia’s lockdown only finished in October (and some parts of Australia are still locked down between states), we are a bit more fresh with this new understanding of how to move forward with the pandemic. Certainly important to remain careful, but it is time to start finding ways out of the restrictions of a pandemic.

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