Welcome to the Weekly Sports Roundup! This series is written by a sports fanatic who follows every sport you could name. If you don’t believe me, have a look at the ‘about’ page of the website!

This series will take you through the wonder of sport and showcase how important sport is to society. Featuring top moments, feature articles and upcoming information, you can be sure to find your sporting fix through this series!

Be sure to let me know your thoughts and provide any feedback!

Check out the series below!

Week 1: Honouring kobe bryant


week 2: recapping the nfl season featuring africa boy


Week 3: The end for sun yang


week 4: coronavirus and sport


week 5: why i love sport


week 6: top 5 sporting rivalries


week 7: SPORT is back!!!


week 8: novak djokovic: there’s nothing funny about the djoker


WEEK 9: The courage of the ufc


week 10: upcoming sports predictions


week 11: why the nfl will be cancelled


week 12: the failure of the big bash league

The Sports Roundup Week 12: The Failure of the Big Bash League – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 13: the australian open disaster

The Sports Roundup Week 13: The Australian Open Disaster – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 14: the return of israel folau?

The Sports Roundup Week 14: The Return of Israel Folau? – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 15: Reviewing my sporting predictions

The Sports Roundup Week 15: Reviewing My Sporting Predictions – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)

week 16: How sport survived the pandemic

The Sports Roundup Week 16: How Sport Survived the Pandemic – Levine Lowdown (thelevinelowdown.com)


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