Unfortunately, another week with no sport. There was a slight chance that the UFC would go forward with UFC 249, however; the orders of ESPN and Disney prevailed over the strong-minded Dana White. Moreover, the NRL in Australia have committed to re-starting their season on the 28th of May, however; Federal Sports Minister Richard Colbeck has recommended that this is too early and should be moved.

Even as a die-hard lover of sport, we can’t re-start any sporting events anytime soon. Even if crowds are banned, people will still find a way to meet together and watch the game or celebrate. Sport has a unique ability to bring people together, no matter what. Patience is the answer, and hopefully, when sport does come back into our lives, it will be bigger and better than ever.

Feature Article: Top Sporting Rivalries

There is nothing better than a sporting rivalry. Fierce competition between two athletes or two teams exhilarates fans and sends journalists wild. Clashes rarely fail to live up to the hype. Here are my top 5 sporting rivalries (in no particular order)!

5. Real Madrid vs Barcelona

This football match, otherwise known as the El Classico, is one of the most-watched games in the world. At least 2 or 3 times a year, these Spanish football giant’s line-up against each other and put it all on the line. Moreover, in recent times, an individual football rivalry has been born out of this clash. Messi vs Ronaldo. Which football player is better? A debate which will probably continue past my lifetime!

4. Joe Frazier vs Muhammad Ali

Unfortunately, this was well before my time, but I still hear many stories and reflections on this iconic rivalry. Ali was a hero to the African Americans, he was loud and arrogant, but his actions followed his words. Frazier was seen as the villain, but he was just as eager to defeat Ali. Three fights occurred with a total of 41 rounds. Brutal boxing, classical boxing, iconic boxing. What a rivalry.

3. Celtics vs Lakers

Two incredible teams who have been consistently successful throughout the lifetime of the NBA. This rivalry exploded with the competition between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. These two athletes battled against each other season after season, resulting in the two sides facing each other 6 times in the 60s and three times in the 80s.

2. Australia vs New Zealand

This Rugby Union and Rugby League rivalry is one of the greatest. Cultural similarities have bread athletic contempt, a divide that has translated to the pitch. New Zealand has been a dominant force in Rugby Union winning 99 of the 146 matches between the two nations. However, in Rugby League, Australia has won 93 of the 125 games. Each player proudly represents their nation, resulting in a spectacle for the fans

1. Federer vs Nadal

There have been some incredible tennis rivalries over the years such as Navratilova v Evert and Borg v McEnroe. However, one unforgettable tennis rivalry is between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. They’ve played 28 times, with Nadal leading the series 18 wins to 10, and have played in a record eight Grand Slam finals. Their success combined with Novak Djokovic has robbed an entire generation of tennis players from ever achieving Grand Slam glory. Nadal’s victory at the 2008 Wimbledon final could be considered the greatest tennis match of all time. Two respectful and immensely talent athletes competing until the very last point.

Read more of this series here – https://thelevinelowdown.com/the-weekly-sports-roundup/

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