If you ask someone to describe 2020 in one word, you may receive some of these responses.






All of these words return to a topic which has dominated 2020, Coronavirus.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 begun in China in December 2019, however; the international media only started reporting the virus in January. It is now halfway through the year, and there is no clear endpoint to this virus. In fact, it is only getting worse. America, Brazil, India, and other nations are now witnessing record numbers of infections. Considering the end of this pandemic is a scary thought.

As a writer, COVID-19 began with lots of unknowns. No one knew where the virus came from, what the symptoms were or how contagious it was. These unknowns, although frightening, were also fascinating. I was intrigued by this new virus and began writing about it.

My first blog on COVID-19 was on the 30th of January 2020. When I wrote that article, there were 7,000 infections and 170 deaths globally. Incredible. There are now over 13 million infections and over 500,000 deaths. I talked down any risk of the virus spreading outside of China and said that community transmission was unlikely. How wrong was I.


From the 30th of January to now, the front page of every newspaper in the world has contained information, statistics or updates on COVID-19. That has worn people down as they look for life to go back to normal. As a writer, that has also worn me down.

Over the past year, this blog has evolved from primarily legal and political opinion pieces. Articles on this blog now cover a range of topics such as economics, music, sport, social issues and even more personal pieces.

I don’t want to write about COVID-19, but it’s the main thing going on in our world. Moreover, people aren’t as interested in opinion articles on COVID-19, but just the statistics and regulations that directly relate to them.

Blogging this year has been hard, and I am sure some other bloggers and writers feel the same way. As the world begins to open up again, our newspapers are starting to contain other stories and events which is exciting. However, we are not over this. There is much more to come concerning COVID-19, and I now look forward to writing about it.

We are entering a new world. The ‘normal’ that we are searching for has been erased. We will never go back to our old ‘normal’. That is another terrifying but exhilarating thought.

Above all, continue to follow your government’s advice, keep social distancing to the best of your ability, and support each other.

Talk to you soon 😊


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