We love them more when they are gone.

But we shouldn’t.


Because our culture can treat a loss like a win,

Further engraving an earlier grave is an optional way.


I could give up and be cared for,

I could give up and they would know my name.


Don’t get me wrong, the rise in awareness,

Is beating a stigma that no longer scares us,

But could it be true that some could be tempted,

To use this mistake as a form of a weapon?

It won’t resonate in our minds.

I’m not disrespecting what was left behind.

Just pleading that it does not get glorified.

For we must love in the present.

Care for others in the present.

And reach out in the present.

For missing the present, leaves us with the past.

And we cannot control the past.

So don’t wait.

Don’t pause for the right moment.

Listen and Love.


If you need help, please talk to someone: 13 11 14

Inspired by Twenty One Pilots: Neon Gravestones

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