Well, what a few months it has been in New South Wales. From the complete easing of restrictions to new waves of lockdown, this is an immensely challenging period. Here are some uncategorised, unorganised thoughts I’ve had over the past couple of months:

When I wrote my first article on COVID-19 in January 2020, it was interesting because it was new. We were learning new things about the virus every day, and although it was clear that there was a human cost, it was still intriguing to research and understand. Now, we know everything about this virus. We know the symptoms, the personal consequences and the societal consequences. Nothing is new, and that is what makes this pandemic harder as time passes. For myself in Australia, as we endure another period of lockdown, that is my current feeling and why I’ve barely written about the pandemic since 2020.

The Australian Federal Government. Similarly, I’m sick and tired of Scott Morrison. His chilled, laid-back approach to national emergencies is incredibly irritating. It happened when Australia endured the bushfire crisis of 2019, and it’s happening again. He pops up every now and then to provide a press conference that lacks any substance or inspiration. It is the State Government Premiers who are currently running this country.

The State Governments -particularly NSW. I firstly want to acknowledge the work of NSW Health. I couldn’t imagine being in their shoes, especially Kerry Chant. I admire and thank them for their continued effort in attempting to control the virus. For Gladys, my opinions remain mixed. Unfortunately, the longer that this lockdown extends, the worse it gets for the Premier. Other States have demonstrated the effectiveness of snap lockdowns, and you can’t expect complete compliance when people have been stuck at home for almost 2 months. Her recent speeches have already hinted at her giving up on eliminating the virus and focusing solely on vaccination. At this stage, it’s probably the right approach, yet, how this current outbreak keeps getting worse will require an extensive investigation.

Protests. It’s almost comedic how counter-productive protesting a lockdown is. You are trying to complain about being stuck at home by leaving your home, spreading the virus, and forcing us all to remain at home for longer. I’m not surprised that people are upset, and if you are reading this and feel a desire to protest, your emotions are understandable. However, the action of protesting during a lockdown is unjustifiable. Channel that emotion into a project, task or activity.

Social Media. Right now, it’s unsurprisingly providing the best and worst material during a lockdown. The importance of connecting with others is vital and social media is providing a valuable platform for people to remain in touch. However, the spread of blatant misinformation to further skewed and twisted conspiracies remain present and must be called out. I’m not talking about conservative ideology supported by evidence; I’m talking about random videos and stories lacking any context. There’s a clear and intentional difference.

So, that leaves us with our current situation. Over 600 cases per day in NSW, a lockdown extended for another month at least and the most restrictive lockdown measures yet. It’s hard. As mentioned, this is a challenging period, but we CAN all push through this. My three recommendations would be:

  1. Make sure you spend some time outside each day
  2. Make sure you talk to someone online who doesn’t live at your house each day
  3. Find a project – find something to work towards, to give you a goal to push towards

I am wishing everyone well during this time, and please reach out to me if you need anything.

Well, there are some scattered thoughts! Please let me know yours in the comments below or on social media!  

Stay safe and stay home – we’re almost on the other side 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Never-Ending Lockdown

  1. It does feel we are going in circles all parts of the world. Here I my tiny spot I’m doing chemo so isolating is a bit handy. Lots of us wear masks and are asked to in shops and public transport. But theoretically don’t have to. Next door vaccinated neighbours caught Covid off their children, all isolating – children playing in paddling pool while parents feeling rough ! New school year starts next week or so – that is going to be tricky!

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    1. Absolutely, just keep going round and round. Hopefully we can break out of the loop soon! I wish you all the best during your chemo! I’m sure that’s a daunting and difficult period, so I hope you’re doing okay. May I ask what country you live in?

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      1. Restrictions all lifted but with confusion when people have been in contact eg double vaccinated – no need to isolate if you test negative. Andrew Lloyd Weber finally got Cinderella on at a full theatre, not many wearing masks. But our deaths are still on double figures, it’s like two different worlds!

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      2. It is safer to open with so many vaccinated and it is keeping them mainly unwell but out of hospital, but I think we should have kept the strict masking and other precautions. But of course you can’t keep everyone locked up for ever. The deaths are people dying within 28 days of testing positive and often not vaccinated., like all statistics there will be other factors.

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      3. For sure, lots of other variables. Yeah that’s been an interesting point discussed in Australia aswell about the need to continue with mask-wearing, possibly well into 2022. Luckily for us, there are international travel plans for Australian citizens from December onwards, so there is freedom coming soon!


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