COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon. This horrific virus has destroyed lives, workplaces and countries. There isn’t much hope in our world currently, but although the short-term future looks bleak, there is still a bright long-term future that we can look forward to.

However, for now, many countries are re-introducing lockdowns as they suffer their second, third or even fourth waves of COVID-19. So, here is what I love about quarantine and I hope it can provide you with some hope wherever in the world you are reading this from!

Firstly, we are living in an era of technology, and that makes us much more connected than ever before. If this virus occurred even 20 years ago, quarantine would be even more lonely and isolating. However, we can now communicate instantly with people from around the world, remaining in contact even when we are confined to our homes. I would encourage you to utilise this opportunity to possibly connect with people that you have become distant from over the past few years. Technology enables us to reconnect with others regardless of what has happened in the past.

Through strict lockdowns in my state, I was able to have greater communication with family members that I have ever before. And, even after quarantine, those relationships have continued to build and grow. Quarantine can be very lonely, but I would encourage you to reach out and get in contact with people close to you. But, most importantly, if you do not have someone to talk to, please reach out and get help because we are all going through this pandemic together.

 Quarantine also allows you to be a bit selfish. Spend some time just focusing on yourself and relaxing. The sudden halt to our lives has been a reality check for many that they are too stressed and overwhelmed with a lack of work/life balance. I also found it incredibly strange to have so much time at home when I would typically be working or studying. However, this time can be incredibly important in enabling you to find a healthy balance in your life. It can also be utilised to rejuvenate you and give you time to recover. Don’t be afraid to be selfish while you are in lockdown or quarantine, take time for yourself because quarantine has provided an opportunity to pause and breath.

Lastly, I’ve loved quarantine because I believe it’s brought people together. In New Zealand, communities rallied together to stay home and overcome the virus. In Australia, various organisations have created programs to build packages for those in need and deliver them safely to their homes. Even politically, we have witnessed many political parties around the world, joining together and avoiding conflict to save lives. This virus has put everyone in the exact same position, and instead of turning the world into a survival game, everyone has mostly been willing to cooperate and work together to achieve elimination.

For those who are no longer in quarantine, congratulations for following the rules and enjoy a return to normality. And for those who are in quarantine currently, there is hope, and you will make it through the lockdown. Continue to follow the guidelines set by your government, and we will be able to overcome this virus together.

That is Why I Love Quarantine.

Article 12 of the ‘Why I Love…’ Series –

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